Holt Construction Company is chosen to do Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument

It's been fourteen years in the making... In 2004, then-Governor Granholm created The Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund Commission to honor the memory of Michigan's law enforcement officers who've given their lives in the line of duty. But it's taken a long time to raise the money needed to make it happen, and now that the cash is in hand, Moore Trosper Construction Company will be stepping up to fulfill this long awaited dream.

The contract, which was awarded by the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, was highly sought after. "We're incredibly honored to have been chosen to do this project." says Dave Evans, Project Manager at Moore Trosper. "We understand the importance of this monument, what it stands for and whose lives it celebrates, and we're very grateful to have this chance to do our part in honoring Michigan's fallen heros."

Holt-based Moore Trosper is a Native American-owned company with expertise in construction management, general contracting, design-build, and concrete services. And it's their many years of experience and fine reputation, that will stand them in good stead for this project. "We'll be handling all of the construction work - the concrete, the electrical work, the landscaping, everything that will surround the memorial itself." Evans says.

The memorial, named "Sentinel," was designed by David Milling, of David Milling & Associates/Architects of Ann Arbor. It will feature ten 4' x 8' metal panels that are engraved with the names of Michigan's nearly six hundred fallen law enforcement officers. The panels will be surrounded by a paver plaza, ornamental landscaping, concrete walks, and retaining walls and seating. They'll also be lit from below with in-grade lighting.

"We have the ultimate respect for Michigan's law enforcement community." Evans explains. "They do a very hard job, and in many cases, sadly, they make the ultimate sacrifice. So we're aware of how critical this work is, and like with every project we take on, we'll be giving it our all!"

Construction for the monument has already begun within the Veterans Memorial Park, just south of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in downtown Lansing, near the State Capitol building. The work will be complete, and the memorial will be open for viewing by the fall of 2019.

Source: Dave Evans, Project Manager, Moore Trosper Construction Company
Writer: Sarah Hillman, News Editor

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