Peckham Farms partners with Lansing-area Meijer stores

The Lake Lansing and Okemos Meijer stores are now featuring several Peckham Farms vegetables. Customers are able to purchase Peckham heirloom tomatoes and peppers, graffiti cauliflower, royal burgundy green beans and cucumbers.
The Peckham and Meijer partnership has been an ongoing effort for a number of years, beginning with an initial goal to place individuals with disabilities into employment opportunities at Meijer. The organizations have been working together by providing job training and skill development to create work environments that are more inclusive and accessible.
"The Peckham Farm products that are now in Meijer stores is just another extension of this partnership and speaks to our shared commitment to building local and sustainable communities," says Chris Wilson, Store Director of the Okemos Meijer.
"We are excited for Peckham Farms to be featured at local Meijer stores, and expand our reach into the community," adds Peckham Farms Manager, Rebekah Faivor.
Peckham Farms is in its third year of growing, and uses sustainable principles in its farming techniques. The farm is one of five social enterprises that focuses on providing paid job training opportunities in for persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment.
Source: Shavonne Singleton, Peckham, Inc.  
Writer: Veronica Gracia-Wing, Innovation News
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