Quantum Medical Concepts invests and brings Advanced Amputee Solutions to East Lansing

Advanced Amputee Solutions will receive the first investment from Quantum Medical Concepts, a partnership between Michigan State Medical Society and Common Wealth Enterprises. The goal of the partnership is to provide early-stage funding for developing medical advances. Advanced Amputee Solutions uses the Cushioning Implantable End Pad (CIEP) a polymer-based cushioning device, to eliminate pain and discomfort associated with amputated limbs. 

While the business is based in Metro-Detroit, they will be moving to the Michigan State Medical Society Headquarters in East Lansing. “We are drawn to Lansing because of the amount of resources,” says Gordon Maniere, Founder, “The network in Lansing is unbelievable.” Maniere says it’s that network, and the plan put in place by Tom Stewart of Common Wealth Enterprises, that will help take them past the startup phase. “There are a lot of people here with a lot of influence.” 

Advanced Amputee Solutions produces an innovative product that looks to change the way prosthetic sockets are made. “The product will have a dramatic result across the country and hopefully internationally,” says Maniere. There are an estimated two million amputees in America that will benefit from the product. It is currently in development and the investment will help with further prototyping and testing. 

Source: Gordon Maniere, Founder Advanced Amputee Solutions
Author: Allison Monroe, Innovation News Editor
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