MSU Extension provides fiscal sustainability training for Lansing City Council

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC) supports a new program facilitated by Michigan State University Extension that offers City of Lansing officials fiscal sustainability training.

“The financial challenges that the City of Lansing is facing right now are significant,” stated Tim Daman, CEO and President of the LRCC. “Providing an additional outside resource and the tremendous amount of knowledge that Dr. Eric Scorsone of MSU Extension brings to the table will help better educate government officials through this process.”

The training is offered in six modules offered over the course of three 2-hour. Although the modules are geared towards helping Lansing City Council officials make educated decisions that will positively impact the budget, any government official is welcome to attend the interactive workshop sessions.

“We have been working very closely with the City of Lansing and we know the fiscal challenges they are facing,” shared Daman. “We need the City of Lansing as strong and fiscally sound as possible to ensure the fiscal sustainability of our government entity.”

Source: Tim Daman, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce
Writer: Tashmica Torok, Innovation News Editor 
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