Scholarship program offers unique opportunities, agriculture education

Piggy-backing off the success of the Demmer Scholarship Program, a program that sends Michigan State University students to Washington DC, the Hal and Jean Glassen Scholarship Program offers equally great opportunities for MSU students right here in Lansing.

Thanks to a grant from the Hal and Jean Glasses Memorial Foundation, the program pairs 12 students with 12 organizations that focus on Michigan's agriculture industry. Students learn about environmental issues and policy making.  
The students not only get an internship at these organizations but also take a class that offers field trips that allow them to see natural resources in action, and other activities. "The ultimate goal," says Pat Stewart, the program director, "would be for the students to, eventually, land a job in Michigan."

Students get hands on, real world experience through both the classes and the internships and opportunities they may not normally get. "Not all students can land internships with the possibility of a job," says Stewart. "The opportunities here are untold."

As this is the first year of the program, there's no way to know yet which jobs will be landed, but Stewart has high hopes for the program next year and they hope to double both the students and businesses participating.

"Ultimately," says Stewart, "It's about the job growth, the experiences and the opportunities."
Source: Patricia Stewart, Hal and Jean Scholarship Program
Writer: Allison Monroe, Innovation News Editor
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