Zipcar comes to East Lansing, offers affordable transportation alternatives

After seeing success on Michigan State’s campus, Zipcar’s car sharing service is now available in East Lansing as an alternative mode of transportation. Zipcar offers simple, affordable transportation options by providing two vehicles, a Ford Focus hatchback and a Ford Focus sedan, for use by the hour or the day. These are in addition to seven cars previously available on campus. 

The cars have designated parking spots that make them easily accessible to anyone in East Lansing, including students over 18. The cars can be reserved online or through a mobile app. “It’s a convenient and flexible alternative to owning a car,” says Katelyn Lopresti, General Manager of Zipcar for University, “you can use them where you live, work, or travel.” 

They are especially great alternatives for students who don’t want to bring cars to campus, where traffic and parking can be a major problem. It gives the university the option to expand the buildings rather than the parking structures and reduces the carbon footprint and air quality. 

Zipcar also offers discounted rates to local business owners in order to help them expand their businesses and meet environmental standards. 

Parking and congestion can be serious issues for a campus town, and Lopresti says their solution is, “fun and practical.”

Source: Katelyn Lopresti, General Manager of Zipcar for University
Author: Allison Monroe, Innovation News Editor
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