Graffiti Art Project At Deluxe Inn Brings Attention to REO Town Revitalization

With the help of local groups and officials, urban graffiti artists looking for a place to practice their craft turned their spray paint cans onto a Downtown Lansing eyesore that is scheduled to be torn down soon.

The Deluxe Inn on South Washington Avenue in REO Town is slated to be demolished by the end of August to make room for new development.

According to excerpts from the article:

With a can of light green spray paint in hand, Sam DeBourbon on Friday turned a defunct and once seedy motel into art.

The 23-year-old from south Lansing is a graffiti artist, and along with about 24 other artists he is expected this weekend to convert the boarded-up Deluxe Inn into a statement of urban artistry.

The Deluxe is slated for demolition by the end of August and the site prepped for sale to a developer. The riverfront lot rests at the north end of REO Town, and it's hoped that residential and retail construction on the site will help revitalize the area.

Trey Love, a representative from the REO Town Commercial Association, handed out fliers to draw attention to the project and to the area.

"I've seen so many cars driving by and people turning heads and looking," he said. "All the people who have been coming up are all different shapes, sizes and colors. It gives me a different take on how many people appreciate art around this area."

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