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Zaneta Chuniq Inpower

Upon graduating from MSU, there were decisions that I had to make with regard to choosing a career path that is congruent with my personal values and interests. Steering away from commercial business to the non-profit sector, I found more rewarding and fulfilling career opportunities.

Although fund development is not an area that I was academically trained in, this position allows me to use my sales, marketing, advertising and PR experience to communicate with our community in order to continue meeting the goals of our department and organization. From drafting thank you letters to sponsors to observing the stewardship process, I like being a part of our fundraising mix and making sure things go as smoothly as possible.

I love being able to match people who are willing to help us with causes that they can support, whether it be financially or by volunteering. Most recently, I was responsible for volunteer coordination for the 2010 Meijer Holiday Hoops at the MSU Breslin Center. Additionally, I work with a great team of experienced professionals who assist me in learning more and aid in developing my fundraising skills! From here, I would pursue further opportunies in fund development, advancement and community outreach.
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Job Title: Pediatrics and Children's Miracle Network Development Intern
Company: Sparrow
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Advertising, East Lansing, MI

Beth Ames

I never thought I would be working in the Lansing area after graduating from MSU. However, after spending a few years out of the State I was ready to return home to friends and family and this job presented itself at a very opportune time. I was unhappy with my job in the Chicago area when a friend working as a dietitian in Michigan told me about this opportunity. I quickly applied, interviewed, and was offered the position all in a matter of weeks.

As the Obesity Program Nutrition Coordinator, I work with other State employees, community groups, local agencies and interested individuals on the development of a comprehensive plan for preventing obesity in Michigan citizens. I also develop and monitor contracts, and provide guidance, consultation, and training to local agencies in the design, development, and implementation of nutrition components of a comprehensive Obesity Prevention and Control effort. Specifically, I oversee the State’s Faith-Based Obesity Program, which includes nutrition and physical activity interventions in faith-based settings, as well as a new initiative to launch fruit and vegetable mini-markets within faith-based organizations throughout the state. I also work with other State staff to implement local nutrition efforts within disease-specific program areas and participate in the grant application and progress report process with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Finally, I serve as the State’s Breastfeeding Coordinator, working with breastfeeding partners across the state to help attain the State’s goal of increased initiation, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding among Michigan mothers.

Job Title: Obesity Program Nutrition Coordinator
Company: Michigan Department of Community Health
College: Case Western Reserve University, MA, Public Health Nutrition, Cleveland, OH

Ryan Knott

I handle the strategic and day-to-day communications functions of a statewide association representing more than 7,000 physicians across all specialties. Duties publications management, website content and design, marketing communications, brand management, public relations, media relations, social media, and event planning, while also assisting in legislative advocacy.

As hokey as it may sound, I have a passion for effective communications and I believe it is the cornerstone of any successful company or organization. I was working as a communications specialist for a financial software company in Grand Rapids (yes, I was commuting) when I saw this job listed on As the patient of a doctor of osteopathic medicine for many years, I jumped at the opportunity to support and promote a type of medicine that most people misunderstand or of which they are simply unaware. One of the things I like most about my job is the variety. Each day is something different, whether we're mobilizing our members to support or oppose a particular piece of legislation or I'm simply preparing the latest issue of our monthly electronic newsletter or quarterly four-color magazine for publication. Our staff is small but committed and we are a tight-knit group of professionals.

I moved to Lansing to attend Michigan State University and simply never left. My friends and family were here and I could see that it was a city that had great potential, though it was largely unrealized at the time. Lansing was quite different when I first got here. Cooley Law School Stadium (formerly Oldsmobile Park) was just an idea and downtown Lansing was a wasteland after 5 p.m. Old Town was barely a concept and comprised mostly abandoned buildings and panhandlers. Neither was a place you wanted to frequent after dark.

Over the last 10 years, though, we've seen a great transformation and I'm excited that I've been here to be a part of it. Downtown has become a great place to work AND play and Old Town has grown into a vibrant community of its own. I believe REO Town is poised to make a similar transformation in the next few years.

Largely through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, I've become part of a group of young (and youngish like me) professionals such as YSG Lansing who are passionate about staying here and helping to transform our city even further. I definitely have the #lovelansing spirit and plan to spend the rest of my life right here.

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Job Title: Manager of Communications
Company: Michigan Osteopathic Association
College: Michigan State University, College of Arts & Letters, BA in English, East Lansing, MI

Tracey Shepard

As the public relations coordinator, I manage the MHA’s social media channels to connect with member hospitals, keep lawmakers informed on key health care issues and help Michigan residents advocate for high-quality, cost-effective care. I assist with media relations and compose internal and external communication pieces including e-newsletters and special reports.

It is exciting to be a part of an industry that is going through so many changes each and every day. Health care is Michigan’s largest private sector employer, providing or creating jobs for more than 914,000 Michigan residents. I work with a dynamic group of individuals to ensure that health care remains one of our state’ s economic bright spots.

Job Title: Public Relations Coordinator
Company: Michigan Health & Hospital Association
College: Michigan State University, Communication Arts & Sciences, BA in Advertising with a specialization in Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

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