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Ari B. Adler

I will be handling media relations and serving as primary spokesman for the Michigan Speaker of the House and the House Republican Caucus. It was an easy decision to make, heading back under the Capitol dome, where I have served in the House (mid 1990s) and as the press secretary to a Senate majority leader. I have been dismayed by the lack of civility and the utter partisan game playing over the past few years. But I now see the potential for some normalcy to return to the Capitol and I'm excited to be there. I see a lot of good people stepping up to make something good happen for Michigan and I wanted to be a part of that effort.

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Job Title: Press Secretary
Company: Michigan House Republicans
College: Michigan State University, School of Journalism, East Lansing, MI

Beth Ames

I never thought I would be working in the Lansing area after graduating from MSU. However, after spending a few years out of the State I was ready to return home to friends and family and this job presented itself at a very opportune time. I was unhappy with my job in the Chicago area when a friend working as a dietitian in Michigan told me about this opportunity. I quickly applied, interviewed, and was offered the position all in a matter of weeks.

As the Obesity Program Nutrition Coordinator, I work with other State employees, community groups, local agencies and interested individuals on the development of a comprehensive plan for preventing obesity in Michigan citizens. I also develop and monitor contracts, and provide guidance, consultation, and training to local agencies in the design, development, and implementation of nutrition components of a comprehensive Obesity Prevention and Control effort. Specifically, I oversee the State’s Faith-Based Obesity Program, which includes nutrition and physical activity interventions in faith-based settings, as well as a new initiative to launch fruit and vegetable mini-markets within faith-based organizations throughout the state. I also work with other State staff to implement local nutrition efforts within disease-specific program areas and participate in the grant application and progress report process with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Finally, I serve as the State’s Breastfeeding Coordinator, working with breastfeeding partners across the state to help attain the State’s goal of increased initiation, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding among Michigan mothers.

Job Title: Obesity Program Nutrition Coordinator
Company: Michigan Department of Community Health
College: Case Western Reserve University, MA, Public Health Nutrition, Cleveland, OH

Jenifer Esch

As Consumer Programs Manager I manage two statewide educational programs for the Department of Attorney General: Michigan CSI (Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative,; and Senior Brigade (  We educate Michigan's most vulnerable citizens against dangers that continue to exist.   Both programs are free and available to anyone who can organize an audience.

Young people are born into technology and the evolution of these new technologies has created a significant digital divide between many parents and their children.  Our presenters, all college educated and most of whom are educators themselves, cross the state providing assemblies in schools to help protect young people online.  We also help parents learn valuable concrete tools to better protect their children online.  Since its statewide launch in 2007, Michigan CSI has reached more than 600,000 students and more than 20,000 adults.

Fast forward to our later years, you know – the point where we many of us have nice little nest eggs and assets secured – and vulnerabilities are a little different.  Seniors are the most actively targeted group when it comes to scams and fraud such as identity theft, phone and mail scams, or other financially crippling threats.  Senior Brigade presenters also travel the state offering seminars on how to avoid these scams and protect our investments.  Since its September 2009 launch, the program has reached nearly 20,000 seniors throughout Michigan.

I have been involved with every step of the research, development, piloting, launching, and now managment of both programs.  The rewards cannot be expressed in a few short words.  Helping others help themselves is an amazing feeling.

Ironically, I originally went to MSU to become a high school English and Government teacher but changed course when I realized my passion for state government and wanted to get involved.  Since 1995, I have been involved in campaigns and, after various jobs in the Governor's Office and Legislative Branch, in 2006 landed a legislative assistant job in the Department of Attorney General.  My responsibilities in the Department have shifted to this position where I am developing training material, training presenters, and occasionally giving presentations myself.  An initial goal of helping educate young people has been realized by the advancement of my career.  Total fulfillment.

Job Title: Departmental Specialist/Consumer Programs Manager
Company: Michigan Department of Attorney General
College: Western Michigan University, Masters Degree, Public Administration, Lansing Pilot Location, MI

Sean Chapman

At MSHDA I administer and coordinate the delivery of homeownership counseling services through the Michigan Homeownership Counseling Program. My responsibilities include, providing direction and support to counselors, coordinating and delivering technical assistance and training, providing on-site agency evaluation of services being offered, as well as applying for and managing applicable grant funds through various funding sources.

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Job Title: Homeownership Counseling Specialist
Company: Michigan State Housing Development Authority
College: Spring Arbor University, Department of Sociology, Global Studies and Criminal Justice, Spring Arbor, MI

Kelly Schoenherr-Gram

I’m an Analyst for Michigan State Housing Development Authority.  I Manage grants given to non-profits/local governments.  This includes, HOME funds/CDBG funds and NSP funds.  I work in housing but what I do is much more than housing. We revitalize communities and work in local communities – really trying to make Michigan a better place, a place where people choose to work and live.

Job Title: Community Development Specialist
Company: Michigan State Housing Development Authority
College: Michigan State University, University Of Zimbabwe, Western Michigan University, Lansing, MI

Lindsay Vogelsberg

I work for State Representative Bob Genetski, assisting him in constituent relations, legislative matters, and pretty much anything else that comes up!

Job Title: Legislative Aide
College: Michigan State University, College of Social Sciences, Political Science, East Lansing, MI

Jessica Tramontana

My job is an interesting immersion into the political scene, where I get to work with Senators every day, writing press releases to make sure constituents are aware of what their senator is doing to make a difference. 

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Job Title: Senior Communications Advisor
Company: Senate Democratic Office
College: Michigan State University, Social Relations and Journalism, East Lansing, MI

Samantha Frick

I work in the Electric Reliability Division which includes the Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Certificate of Need sections of the MPSC. I conduct research and assist in the preparation of reports and presentations regarding renewable energy technology, development, and financing mechanisms. I develop spreadsheets and graphs used to analyze various programs such as net metering.

Job Title: Student Assistant
Company: Michigan Public Service Commission
College: Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business, Department of Finance, East Lansing, MI

Eric Jorgenson

I work with the City Project Manager in the day-to-day operation of the Technology Innovation Center, a product and technology focused business incubator.  Also work on the advancement of other economic development projects, including an upcoming restaurant incubator, and a business incubator for students.  We also work on events such as the Dirty Feat Adventure Race (, LAUNCHED, and others.

Job Title: Business Solutions Assistant
Company: City of East Lansing
College: Michigan State University, Business + Economics + Entrepreneurship Specialization, Bailey Scholar, East Lansing, MI

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