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Naomi Burton

As an account executive at one of Michigan's leading firms, I deal with a variety of issues daily. As any PR professional will tell you, no day is the same. One day I might be taking part in a brainstorming session with some of Michigan's brightest minds, the next day calling every major news outlet in Michigan to convince them to run my story and the next day researching how my client can take advantage of the latest and greatest social media platform. At times the job can be chaotic but I wouldn't have it any other way. It forces me to be organized, innovative and constantly thinking five steps ahead of the client.
I served as a public relations intern at Martin Waymire for one year before David Waymire and Roger Martin offered me a full-time position upon my graduation from Michigan State University in May. Not only is Martin Waymire a great fit for me because of the amazing people I get to work with on a daily basis but also because our offices are located in Lansing. I'm currently making the move from East Lansing to Lansing; in my head it's the transition from college life to adulthood. I couldn't be more excited. Taking part in groups like Grand River Connection and Central Michigan Public Relations Society of America allows me to interact with other professionals in the area who share the same passion for public relations and Lansing that I do. The #lovelansing crowd is enthusiastic and welcoming and I'm thrilled to say I am now a part of that community.

Follow me on Twitter @naomiaburton

Job Title: Account Executive
Company: Martin Waymire Advocacy Communications
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts & Sciences, East Lansing, MI

Jerod Karam

With an undergraduate degree focusing on computer systems and related technology and a masters degree in business and marketing, I hope to provide valuable insight at Netvantage Marketing in a wide range of areas such as organic search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and especially client interaction.
I’ve been very fortunate in my career thus far in that I have had the opportunity to experience the goods, the bads, the ins, and the outs of companies ranging from incredibly large corporations to start ups with only a few team members.  During those times I’ve had job roles spanning from Help desk Engineer to Teacher/Instructor to Brand Manger to Project Manager and everything in between.  This wide variety of experiences will certainly give me a well-stocked toolbox from which to draw when facing my newest challenges at Netvantage as the Director of Online Marketing.
In the short time I have been here I have enjoyed the challenge of the work, the collegiality and supportiveness of my coworkers, and most definitely the relaxed office atmosphere.  So far I have experienced Netvantage as a fantastic place to work and I suspect it will remain so for years to come.  I am truly excited about what the future will bring.
Started in 2008, Netvantage Marketing is a search engine marketing agency based in East Lansing, Michigan.  Netvantage provides organic search engine optimization services to help clients generate more traffic from better search engine rankings.  Netvantage also manages paid search marketing campaigns on platforms like Google AdWords, helping clients generate high return on investment.  For more information about Netvantage Marketing, please visit our website at

Job Title:
Company: Netvantage Marketing
College: Michigan State University, MBA, Marketing, East Lansing, MI

Scott Swanson

Martin Waymire is a firm with great integrity and remarkable knowledge of both traditional and cutting-edge communication channels. Most importantly, they have a long and successful history of fighting to make Michigan a better place. I’m thrilled and honored to join the hardest-working team in Lansing.

I bring extensive experience in health care and legislative communications along with a passion for social media and audio/visual production. In my seven years working in the communications field, I have crafted and executed plans for high-profile clients and organizations, and have lead social media efforts at mid-Michigan region’s largest private employer. A former daily newspaper reporter, my other specialties include marketing and branding, media management, media relations, and web content creation.
Prior to joining Martin Waymire, I worked as a communications specialist at Sparrow Health System, where I managed social media campaigns and produced video content for social media platforms used by the 7,200-employee health system. I was deeply involved with the health system’s complete rebranding and website overhaul.

Job Title: Social Media Account Executive
Company: Martin Waymire Advocacy Communications
College: Northern Michigan University, Bachelor of Arts, English Writing, Marquette, MI

Janelle Fox

I recently graduated from Michigan State University and wanted to explore online marketing. A good friend of mind recently interned with Netvantage and expressed the company very positively. The responsibilities of my job position include developing and managing paid search marketing campaigns, developing and delivering client reports, and performing web analytics. It is a great job and a very friendly atmosphere!

Job Title: Online Marketing Intern
Company: Netvantage Marketing
College: Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business, East Lansing, MI

Devon Bradley

As an Associate for Michigan’s only statewide public relations agency, I am lucky to be involved in a variety of public affairs and communications projects. I provide daily media relations assistance to clients such as the Michigan Association of Community Mental Healthy Boards, Healthy Kids Healthy Michigan, Help Eliminate Auto Thefts, the Food Bank Association of Michigan and the Michigan Certified Development Corporation. Coordination of social media implementation and newsletter production are other areas I often assist clients. Company wide, we work with a lot of statewide coalitions, and internal communications and advocacy are essential services often needed by our clients. Internally at LE&A, I am involved in our company’s internship recruitment, professional development workshops and networking development.

Job Title: Associate
Company: Lambert, Edwards & Associates, Public Relations and Investor Relations
College: Michigan State University, Communications, East Lansing, MI

Mary Beth Revard

I just happened to stumble upon this job after hearing from a friend currently employed with Netvantage, and I could not be more grateful that I did!  I graduated in December 2010 from MSU's College of Communication Arts & Sciences with my M.A. degree in Public Relations.  Throughout my studies and previous internships, I had discovered my love for the fields of Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing, combined with a fascination of the rapidly-evolving worlds social and digital media, SEO, technology, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to find a job right here in East Lansing that allowed me to pursue my interests while working with a great group of people.  I have always admired the area of East Lansing, love being a Spartan (Go Green!), and am excited to see where my time in East Lansing takes me!

Follow me on Twitter @mbbrevard

Job Title: PR, SEO, Social Media Intern
Company: Netvantage Marketing
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts & Sciences, Master's in Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

Alyson Newby

I moved to Michigan in 2010 to work for Pace & Partners. We’re a full service Marketing & Advertising agency. My job is to develop unique and creative advertising for our clients. Working at a small agency has been wonderful because I the of opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and clients. I’ve managed to get thumbs talking about the texting while driving ban, and get a paper-eating caterpillar into a commercial for tax amnesty. I’ve lived all over the place (Chapel Hill, Baltimore, Atlanta, England), and what I like about Lansing is the strong sense of community.

Job Title: Writer/producer
Company: Pace Marketing & Communications Inc.
College: Goucher College, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Baltimore, MD

Danielle Lenz

Edge is a bold public relations, distinguishable branding, strategic marketing, assertive advertising and effective advocacy agency located in Old Town. Edge focuses on our client's success. Social Media is a passion of mine. I am in charge of our personal Edge Twitter (@Edgepartnership) and Facebook account and several of our clients social media accounts. I am also in charge of securing and procuring clients of Edge. I have only been with Edge for 3 months and I have learned a wealth of knowledge that I don't think I would have learned in a large agency. Edge Partnerships vision and mission is something that really spoke to me and I really believe in. Lansing is starting to thrive and I enjoy being a part of it. Lansing is my hometown and where all my family is at, which is really important to me. If you have a strong background then you will succeed.  
Follow me on Twitter @Danielle_Lenz

Job Title: Public Relations & Social Media Specialist
Company: Edge Partnerships
College: Michigan State University, College of Arts and Communication, East Lansing, MI

Craig Tucker

I am currently developing business processes for UZoom that will leverage the local talent pool and specific dynamics of the market. That means developing marketing solutions and technology products that will help small to medium sized businesses succeed in reaching sales goals. As an award-winning Creative Director, I have helped businesses succeed in a wide-variety of messaging products. I am in charge of all creative for the company, from web to graphic to print to radio and of film and video.

I found my job by networking with a former associate. So it goes to show that you should always keep in touch with your network; and that never to burn any bridges!

We are focused on providing the tools every organization needs now and will need in the future. It's our job to make sure that the client's resources are put to the most effective use.

Follow me on Twitter at @craigmtucker

Job Title: Development and Creative Services Director
Company: UZoom Media LLC
College: Michigan State University, MA Information Technology Management, TISM, East Lansing, MI

Anne Craft

After teaching High School for ten years, I worked at both Citadel Broadcasting selling radio advertising, and WILX TV selling television advertising.  Through these experiences, I got to know a lot of business owners and community leaders, while gaining an understanding of the Lansing market and what it has to offer for advertisers.  

After leaving WILX TV, I was working as an independent marketing consultant, when a friend suggested that I read the book Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.  Reading that book totally changed my perspective on the advertising and promotion market.  It outlines the shift in the way that people are consuming and using information, including advertising.   As a result of this, I became obsessed with Social Media and its implications for marketers.  So I started subscribing to blogs, reading more books on the topic, following leaders in the industry, and finally took a course to earn my Social Media Specialist Certification, and formed UZoom Media LLC in May of this year.

I have taken what I think is a very practical approach to Social Media consulting.  When we meet with clients, we spend a lot of time drilling down to figure out why a company wants to use social media in the first place.  We help them really define their business and marketing goals, and then form a strategy to use Social Media tools to help them further those goals.  It is so much more than just setting them up on Facebook and Twitter.  We formulate a strategy, help define an implementation schedule, provide training, and track their success with defined metrics.

My clients have expressed that they like working with me because I have traditional marketing experience, but also have fresh ideas regarding Social Media and marketing, and the knowledge to implement them.  I’ve been told that I “bridge the gap” between the old and the new.

I love my job because it is new and exciting each and every day.  I get to meet new people and learn about all kinds of different business models from my clients.  And of course, Social Media changes constantly, so it’s a fun challenge to keep up with it.

Follow me on Twitter @annecraft06

Job Title: President/Social Media Strategist
Company: UZoom Media LLC
College: Michigan State University, BA in English & Secondary Education, MA in Secondary English Education, East Lansing, MI

Carole Polan

I bring a combination of creativity and new-media expertise to The Rossman Group.  As the former producer of First Gentleman Dan Mulhern's radio show, "Everyday Leadership," I gained an insider’s perspective on what it takes to grab media attention and develop strong community connections.

After graduating with honors from Michigan State University, I started my own social media and viral marketing business.  I bring this experience to bear at The Rossman Group, where I develop and execute innovative communications and branding strategies for a wide variety of clients.  

Prior to joining The Rossman Group, I worked on numerous promotional campaigns and events as an on-site coordinator at Citadel Broadcasting, which owns  99.1 WFMK, 100.7 WITL, 97.5 WJIM, 94.9 WMMQ,  1240 WJIM-AM and 730 WVFN-AM in Lansing.  I also worked as a brand representative for Dan Henry Distributing, a major beverage distributor in Lansing.

As a student, I worked as reporter for MSU's award-winning television news broadcast, Focal Point, co-hosted a bi-monthly webcast called, The Spartan View, and was an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America.

When I'm not working, I enjoy attending local events and volunteering with Young, Smart and Global, a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurialism and building a more vibrant community. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family and waterskiing, wakeboarding and relaxing at her family's cabin on Higgins Lake.

Job Title: Account Executive
Company: Rossman Group
College: Michigan State University, Bachelor’s Degree, East Lansing, MI

Phil Lewis

At The Rossman Group I provide strategic counseling and account management services for multiple clients in several industries including health care, finance, government and advocacy, and energy and transportation. I also serve as the firm’s internship coordinator managing up to five interns every college semester.

Rossman has provided me with the opportunity to work on award-winning campaigns focused on issues management, coalition building and maintenance, government relations, media relations and crisis communication.

It has also provided me with the opportunity to meet and help people all across Michigan. It's exciting and fulfilling to do whatever it takes to get my client's message to the right audience and be a part of an industry that is rapidly evolving every single day.

Job Title: Account Executive
Company: Rossman Group
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Arts, Communication: Public Relations Specialization, East Lansing, MI

Monica Fineis

Any PR person will tell you that no day of work is the same, but typically it revolves around writing here. Martin Waymire specializes in political issues and advocacy, so that's our niche in public relations. My role varies with each client or project and the possibilities are endless. Any one day you could find me writing new releases, preparing a report, calling or e-mailing media  for story ideas, participating in a strategy/concept brainstorm session, writing a new business proposal, creating and publishing content for clients' social media sites and blogs, presenting to groups on leveraging social media for business, drafting a strategic communications plan, orchestrating a press event, running a conference call, writing a video script, copywriting for a website, or delivering material to legislators, just to give you a few ideas. My job description is always evolving but I've been fortunate to see so many of my ideas come to fruition while working here.

Job Title: Public Relations Consultant
Company: Martin Waymire Advocacy Communications
College: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts, Advertising with a specialization in Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

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