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Andrea Poole

I help turn ideas into action by supporting a wide variety of marketing activities, including researching, writing, and organizing customer stories and content.

On Twitter: @andiepoole

Job Title: Marketing Generalist
Company: TechSmith Corporation
College: Michigan State University, English (BA), Public Relations (MA), East Lansing, Michigan

Andrea Kerbuski

Fresh from the windy city, I’ve returned to one of my favorite places: Lansing, a place I called home during my four years at Michigan State University and three years as a young professional. I’m back and am now the Chief Communications Officer at Capital Area Michigan Works!, a government workforce development agency located close to downtown Lansing.
From developing marketing strategies to managing community outreach efforts to engaging in social media outreach, I’m never in a routine, but a fast-paced environment where the work I do varies each day. And that’s the way I prefer it.
You can also find me traipsing around Lansing with a ridiculous outfit and my Nikon D700 as I’m also a fashion blogger, highlighting my style through photos and utilizing great spots in Lansing as my back drop.

On Twitter: @andreakerbuski

Job Title: Chief Communications Officer
Company: Capital Area Michigan Works!
College: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Lauren Buskirk

Draft and edit persuasive marketing-based copy including emails, print material, website content, sales and marketing presentations, newsletters, product focused user stories, advertisements, direct mail pieces, scripts for marketing videos, and other creative and technical writing assignments as needed.

Job Title: Marketing Content Specialist
Company: TechSmith Corporation
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Creative Advertising with a specialization in Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

Peter Kidd

Here at Blohm Creative Partners, I specialize in developing and managing new media projects for clients through social media and video production.  I love working as part of an expertise that is still changing and growing at an incredibly fast rate.

A 2011 graduate of Michigan State University, I majored in journalism with a specialization in public relations, but I realized that I never quite had the drive to be a news reporter. Instead, I use my storytelling abilities from the client’s perspective. Working at BCP has been a great experience, and I love learning every day more and more about the advertising/marketing industry.

Job Title: New Media Specialist
Company: Blohm Creative Partners
College: Michigan State University, BA in Journalism, Specialization in Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

Natalie Venuto

I help Traction's design team with projects. I found the job through Henry Brimmer, professor in the Department of Advertising, Public Relations, and retailing at MSU. I've lived in the area my whole life, attended MSU because of the strong study abroad program, and found this during the summer. I love the creative environment at Traction and my co-workers are fun to work with!

Follow me on Twitter @_natastrophe

Job Title: Design Intern
Company: Traction
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts + Sciences, BA in Advertising, East Lansing, MI

Alyson Newby

I moved to Michigan in 2010 to work for Pace & Partners. We’re a full service Marketing & Advertising agency. My job is to develop unique and creative advertising for our clients. Working at a small agency has been wonderful because I the of opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and clients. I’ve managed to get thumbs talking about the texting while driving ban, and get a paper-eating caterpillar into a commercial for tax amnesty. I’ve lived all over the place (Chapel Hill, Baltimore, Atlanta, England), and what I like about Lansing is the strong sense of community.

Job Title: Writer/producer
Company: Pace Marketing & Communications Inc.
College: Goucher College, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Baltimore, MD

Johnathan Dinh

Media Advantage opened in May of 2010 and we're located in the heart of downtown Lansing. We handle the entire marketing platform for our clients with a focus on digital media, as well as traditional marketing. I'm the lead designer, focusing mostly on web design and front-end web development. I also work with the Facebook mark-up language when designing Facebook apps. Branding, logo design, and Flash can be included in my arsenal as well. Managerial duties include creative direction, intern management, and client relations. I previously worked freelance before joining the Media Advantage team, and would like to conquer the world one day.

Job Title: Lead Designer
Company: Media Advantage
College: Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Justin "Bugsy" Sailor

At Traction I'm a web developer where I implement frontend designs that are passed to me from our designers.  I work with funny acronyms like HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, and MySQL.  When not working with funny acronyms I'm at work developing web features and campaigns, creating ways to spread the word of a website and find solutions using the web for different client needs.

Job Title: Developer
Company: Traction
College: Michigan State University, BA Sociology, BA Advertising, East Lansing, MI

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