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Chad Badgero

I assist with developing and implementing communications, marketing, and advertising strategies necessary to support the Arts Council's mission, vision, and goals.  I communicate with a wide variety of individuals including artists, arts and cultural outlets, community volunteers, public visitors, and area leaders.  I will be developing and sustaining relationships amongst the arts and cultural sector in Greater Lansing with the aim of leading, advocating for, and advancing the arts and culture in the capital region. It is the Arts Council's vision to create a region that utilizes arts and culture as a catalyst for economic development and personal enrichment, thereby creating a community that values a lifelong appreciation of and engagement in the arts.  As a theatre educator at Lansing Community College and Artistic Director of Peppermint Creek Thr Co, I can't imagine an organization that more aligns with my goals, values, and dreams - and I am ecstatic to be working for the Arts Council and their astounding staff!

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Job Title: Marketing Communications Coordinator
Company: Arts Council of Greater Lansing
College: Michigan State University, Masters Degree, English Education/Theatre, East Lansing, MI

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