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Kendra Kay Barrett

I completed a design internship with CiesaDesign when I was a student at CMU, so I am exited to come back full-time as a Graphic Designer. In my new role, I will be working with the other designers and web developers to produce web, print and other creative pieces for our clients. I am responsible for working directly with clients to understand their goals and objectives and will apply that to my design process. 

Job Title: Graphic Design
Company: Ciesa Design
College: Central Michigan University, BFA in Graphic Design, Minor: Art History, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Qinge (Wendy) Wu

I will be working on graphic and illustration designs for use on the website and in print materials.

Job Title: Graphic Design Intern
Company: TechSmith Corporation
College: Michigan State University, College of Communcation Arts and Sciences, Creative Advertising, East Lansing, Michigan

Emily Veit

I am responsible for creating print and digital marketing materials that span across multiple departments at TechSmith. From helping our customers with our products to updating our website, I work on it all!

On Twitter: @emveit

Job Title: Graphic Design Intern
Company: TechSmith Corporation
College: Michigan State University, College of Communcation Arts and Sciences, Media and Information specializing in Design and Digital Humanities, East Lansing, Michigan

Kristie Kroell

This position has allowed me to gain experience by applying my knowledge and skills in a creative work environment. Creating designs for logos, invitations and brochures. Collaborating with the Communications Coordinator and Executive Director.  Working within a team, but also independently.

Job Title: Graphic Design Intern
Company: Arts Council of Greater Lansing
College: Lansing Community College, Applied Arts/Graphic Design, Lansing, Michigan

Kendra Barrett

As the Graphic Design Intern at Redhead Design, I provide design, production, and project management support for a range of clients.

The majority of my work is for Redhead's pro-bono clients, but I have the opportunity to help out with a handful of other clients, too. To date, I've worked on a wide range of tasks—I designed a set of fun and playful activity sheets, built a package of materials to support the Fenner Maple Syrup Festival, and am currently working on the layout and design of two print newsletters.

Not only has the internship allowed me to improve on my design abilities, but it has provided real-world experience through which I'm meeting face-to-face with clients and working with printers to see projects go through production. My position provides the perfect balance between self-directed progress and the opportunity to work with Redhead's design team for direction, feedback and valuable input on projects.

Job Title: Graphic Design Intern
Company: Redhead Design Studio
College: Central Michigan University, Major: Graphic Design/Minor: Art History, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Derick Montague

Design and code user interfaces for websites and web applications.

Job Title: Web Designer
Company: TechSmith Corporation
College: Eastern Michigan University, Washtenaw Community College, Technology Management, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Nathan Rabe

My current role involves building mobile apps, but I also try to think about how users interact with technology and what their goals are. I was living in Lansing having most recently taught at LCC. My friend, Scott Gowell, who already works at Gravity Works, knew that I had been working with iPhone apps and suggested my name when they started looking for a new developer. I've only been here a couple weeks, but I've known most of the people here for a while, so it's been great so far. I like the challenge of learning new technologies as mobile apps become more common.

Job Title: UX Developer
Company: Gravity Works Design and Development
College: Northern Michigan University, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Marquette, MI

Wayne Glassbrook

I am the sole proprietor of I'm a freelance designer based in Lansing, Michigan with over a decade of professional web and graphic design experience. Designly is a complete media design studio created to providing services to individuals and businesses who wouldn't normally be able to afford the high fees demanded by most design firms.
From logos and brochures to corporate branding strategies, I bring the latest in modern design principles to all of my projects.

I focus on full standards compliant web design which ensures compatibility across browsers and platforms as well as increased search engine optimization. I am also a certified Social Media Specialist! That means I know how to wrangle things like Twitter and Facebook to help you reach a broader audience. As a full fledged design studio, I also offer 3D design services as well as audio and video production and editing.

Follow me on Twitter @designlydotnet

Job Title: Freelance Media Designer
Company: Independent Consultant
College: Not Applicable

David Smith

At Gravity Works we strive to make people's lives better through the application of technologies.  It is very enjoyable making the world a better place by doing things like enabling a small business owner to take orders while  watching their daughter play volleyball or helping in the fight against preventable disease and extreme poverty.

Follow me on Twitter: @DavidSilvaSmith

Job Title: Director of Business Development
Company: Gravity Works Design and Development
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Telecommunication, Information Studies & Media, East Lansing, MI

Emily Brozovic

As an eProducer for Virtual University, I will be working with a variety of faculty from across campus to develop online course material. Given my career as a designer, I will have the chance to manage projects with a creative drive, and work to develop stimulating and creative material to enhance the learning process for students at MSU, through the use of online learning technologies and instructional design.

Job Title: eProducer
Company: Virtual University Design & Technology
College: Michigan State University, College of Arts & Letters, BFA - graphic design and photography, East Lansing, MI

Brian Azar

My job is a mix of project management, technology consulting, and business development. A typical day has me meeting with clients, writing proposals, leading internal meetings, and coaching my team on processes and technology. Having the opportunity to blend technology and creativity, with strong processes and management has been challenging and inspiring! No two days are ever the same, which keeps my work fresh and exciting.

Follow me on Twitter @brianazar

Job Title: Vice President of Operations
Company: Ciesa Design
College: University of Arizona, MBA, University of California Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Arts, Santa Barbara, CA

Lauren Colton

As resident wordsmith at Gravity Works, I manage content. This means writing proposals and content integration in DotNetNuke, as well as skinning web pages with CSS, social media, and editing photos. We have a very creative, collaborate environment; everyone at Gravity Works is excited to work with new technologies---HTML5, CSS3, mobile development for the iPad, and the latest in ASP.NET. I've really been enjoying Adobe Creative Suite 5, but the best part is finding out what gets clients excited about their new websites.

Follow me on Twitter @LaurenTGC

Job Title: Information Architect & Editor
Company: Gravity Works Design and Development
College: Michigan State University, James Madison College , Social Relations & Policy, East Lansing, MI

David Michael Eldridge

I wear many hats.  I focus mainly on internal finance and accounting.  But I also take care of promotional products, business development, sales, and IT.  

Job Title: Finance Manager
Company: Rizzi Designs
College: Davenport University, Donald W. Maine School of Business, Finance/ Financial Planning, Grand Rapids, MI

Rebecca N. Kump

I am responsible for covering social media projects for Rizzi Designs as well as our clients; write & publish press releases as well as media advisories and follow up with media when necessary for special events within Rizzi Designs as well as with our clients; updating communication pages on social media sites as well as websites; assist in design of new client logo work and designs; manage the direction of planning special events at Old Town Manor for clients as well as general public; consult new brides within our RD I DO division; manage internal relations and communication for seasonal projects for our interns; assist in the hiring and interviewing process for all interns, etc.

Job Title: Public Relations Director
Company: Rizzi Designs
College: Wright State University, BFA-Studio Art, Philosophy & Psychology Minor With Emphasis in English/Creative Writing, Dayton, OH

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