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Andrew League

I help students learn math topics and practice their knowledge so that they can better understand the math they are learning in school.  While students are working on math worksheets in the Mathnasium Center, I circulate around the room and help individual students as they need it.

Job Title: Mathematics Instructor
Company: Mathnasium
College: Michigan State University, College of Education, Education, East Lansing, Michigan

Kyle Sherman

I am an instructor at Mathnasium of Okemos. My job involves tutoring students in math. The goal is to help them achieve higher grades in school and a better understanding of math.

On Twitter: @sherman_kyle

Job Title: Instructor
Company: Mathnasium
College: Michigan State University, College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, East Lansing, Michigan

John Helmkamp

As an instructor at mathnasium I’ll be helping teach math to individual students and small groups.  The students will primarily be in grades 1-12, and will be assessed upon enrolling at mathnasium to ensure that they are always learning the appropriate material to help them become more successful in the classroom

Job Title: Mathnasium Instructor
Company: Mathnasium
College: Michigan State University, College of Education, Major: Mathematics, East Lansing, Michigan

Ryan Knott

I plan, execute and manage all of the organization's communications, social media, public/media relations and digital and print publications to help promote, provide assistance to and advocate for school-based and school-linked community health centers.

Job Title: Communications and Social Media Manager
Company: School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan
College: Michigan State University, English, East Lansing, Michigan

Kent Love

Responsible for creating and implementing a unified marketing communications vision and strategy for the College of Law, which is a private law school academically affiliated with a major university.

On Twitter: @kentlove

Job Title: Director of Communications
Company: Michigan State University College of Law
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Telecommunications, East Lansing, Michigan

Lindsey Bliss

As part of the Marketing Communications department for the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services at MSU, I will lead the development of digital communication strategies, focusing on web content and social media.

On Twitter: @lindseyla

Job Title: Digital Communications Manager
Company: Michigan State University
College: Michigan State University, Master of Arts, Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing, East Lansing, Michigan

Megan Gebhart

I travel to various cities around the US to connect with young alumni from Michigan State University.

On Twitter: @megangebhart

Job Title: Young Alumni Engagement
Company: Michigan State University Alumni Association
College: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Carly Knauf

I volunteer/intern for the Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center as a therapeutic ridding instructor where I assist children with disabilities in riding horses using the techniques of natural horsemanship. The purpose of the program is to create an experience that is unique and enjoyable to the rider while also creating an atmosphere that will improve muscle tone, balance, develop confidence and a sense of responsibility within the rider. Each rider's needs and abilities are assessed before riding, then a lesson plan is established and tailored to the student. Lessons are always being updated as the rider progresses. I have experienced first-hand the benefits and rewards this program brings and I feel fortunate to be affiliated with this program.

Job Title: Therapeutic Riding Instructor Intern
Company: Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center
College: Grand Valley State University/Michigan State University, Bachelor's: Phsychology/Master's: Rehabilitation Counseling, Grand Rapids/East Lansing, Michigan

John A. Hayner

I work within the office of State Aid & School Finance and we are responsible for administering the State School Aid Act and distributing over eleven billion dollars in state funds to public school districts across the state. In addition,we provides guidance on issues of school finance and tax policy, public school district financial accounting, various financing mechanisms available to school districts,and information on pupil accounting statutes and rules. Finally,we provide interpretation, analysis, and coordination of Departmental activities related to the annual development of the State School Aid K-12 budget.

On Twitter: @haynerj47

Job Title: Financial Analyst
Company: Michigan Department of Education
College: Michigan State University, Finance, East Lansing, Michigan

Kimberly Mathiot

I am responsible for editing all items and documentation associated with Michigan standards-based assessment for K-12 students throughout the state. I also work on other publications, wherever I am needed, to make sure that the copy we are distributing is accurate and valid for the purpose it is intended. I have been in education for the past 17 years, and have worn a variety of hats – as a high school teacher, a researcher, a data analyst, consultant, and a provider of professional development. This job is a good fit for me, because of the requirement to understand state assessments, which I am very well-acquainted with, and also some knowledge of desk-top publishing and graphic arts. My undergraduate degree was in Computer Graphics and I have taught graphic design on the community college level. I found my job on the State government website, and applied for it in March. I got the call for the 1st interview in May, when I had mostly forgotten about the application. I was getting pretty discouraged at this point, so everything worked out for the best. I like my job, because I have the potential to impact educational reform on the policy level, and it is one of my goals to make the assessments and documents we produce as easy to read, consistent and efficient for the end-user as  possible.

Follow me on Twitter @kim_mathiot

Job Title: Composition Editor/Educational Research Consultant
Company: Michigan Department of Education
College: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Masters of Education, Champaign, IL

Kyle Mitchell

As the culinary instructor I am in charge of 2 classes with an enrollment of 24 students per class. The students are high school juniors and seniors from school districts in Ingham County. As members of the class they learn culinary arts, baking and pastry, and entry level management techniques. I chose Lansing for two reasons. 1) Lansing is centrally located between my wife’s and my family. 2) Before my current job I was a manager for Red Lobster. That job allowed me to live in multiple cities across the state. Being in Lansing allows us to travel relatively easy to those, or any other location in the state. My passion is food; I have loved working with it since a young age. This was further influenced in high school while attending a career center in Van Buren County. Now I am in charge of a class much like the one that influenced me so much. There are many many reasons why I love my current job one of which is a very strong support from other staff members and administration, and another is knowing that what I am doing will ultimately help to shape my students career and life plans. I can recall many times in my career when I have used what I learned in high school because it was so relevant. Having that in the back of my mind always ensures that my students receive a high quality education that they can use right away and 10 years down the road.

Job Title: Culinary Arts Instructor
Company: Ingham Intermediate School District
College: Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Arts, Hospitality Management, Allendale, MI

Elisabeth Weston

My job involves managing the daily business operations of EC3, Lansing's premier nonprofit childcare center. The job includes all aspects of financial and HR management, fundraising/development, and property upkeep. I also get to play with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and the most amazing teaching staff around.

Job Title: Executive Director
Company: Educational Child Care Center
College: George Mason University, MBA, Ann Arbor, MI

Patti Casey

My job involves overseeing the curriculum of EC3, Lansing's premier nonprofit childcare center. The job includes compliance with state licensing requirements, as well as managing staff training and development. I've been with EC3 for nearly 25 years--it just gets better and better!

Job Title: Program Director
Company: Educational Child Care Center
College: Western Michigan University, BA, Kalamazoo, MI

Vu Nguyen

I recently switched my major to Advertising and it was one of the best choices I could have made. Within the same week, I saw a job posting looking for a graphic designer and I applied. The director liked me and offer me the job after interviewing. I create fliers for guest speakers and events around on campus, there are many renowned professors that come. I also maintain the website, checking for errors and keeping it up to date. I love everything about my job because it allows me to be create and work with different types of mediums.

Job Title: Communication's Coordinator
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts & Sciences, Advertising, East Lansing, MI

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