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Veronica Gracia-Wing

Working for a local entrepreneurial super woman, Summer Schriner, I find myself trying to fill her shoes on her well-deserved days off. A day for me at Grace is sort of like a yummy sandwich. Typical opening and closing duties serve as the bread and the stuff in between is where all the fun happens! Grace clientele represent The Every-Woman, so it's my pleasure to help them find dresses, accessories, handbags, jewelry, and other unique items that fit their body, event, and personality. It's my job to make sure everyone leaves the store happy, feeling fabulous, and having experienced a slice of Old Town Lansing. (photo courtesy of Luke Anthony Photography)

Job Title: Boutique Consultant
Company: Grace Boutique of Old Town
College: Michigan State University, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Fisheries & Wildlife Department, Conservational Biology Concentration, East Lansing, MI

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