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Sydnie Yates

Almost everyday I go in I do something different. Sometimes, I type up notes. Other days I’ll read articles and write notes on whatever Catherine needs out of it or what she thinks I need to know. Right now it’s more focused on learning than anything else.

On Twitter: @sydnieyates

Job Title: Intern
Company: Center for New Enterprise Opportunity (NEO Center)

Jonathan Deisenroth

One of the main components involves the development and regimenting of basic operational procedures within the facility ie: brainstorming, structuring, and then implementing new ways of acquiring, organizing, and re-accessing the varieties of information that pertain to the functionality of NEO. Another is the maintenance of customer relations: ensuring tenants have access to resources, responding to requests, supplying information to potential new tenants, and most importantly, smiling and looking pretty. And then of course there are standard intern responsibilities; I maintain that I can make a cup of Foldger’s coffee that rivals (maybe even surpasses) Starbucks quality.

On Twitter: @Jon_NEOCenter

Job Title: Intern Coordinator of Operational Procedures
Company: Center for New Enterprise Opportunity (NEO Center)
College: Michigan State University, College of Arts and Letters, English, East Lansing, Michigan

DJ McKerr

 I will be serving as a Capital Equity Intern for this coming summer and will assist in administering programs to provide access to capital for businesses across the state.  Some of the current programs include a venture capital fund, small business capital access program, in addition to some new programs that will be implemented this summer that I will be assisting with.  My professional interests include economic redevelopment in the State of Michigan as well as entrepreneurship.  In the past I have worked for a venture capitalist firm (RPM Ventures) in Ann Arbor and have been a small business owner myself and will bring these experiences with with me into the work I will be doing for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

On Twitter: @itsaDJstory

Job Title: Capital Equity Intern
Company: Michigan Economic Development Corporation
College: University of Michigan, Ford School of Public Policy, Public Policy, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jeff Smith

As a Co-Director of the New Economy Division for Leap, Jeff is focused on developing the culture of entrepreneurship in the Lansing Region through programs, space, and events. Programs include business accelerator services, facilitating the Lansing Regional SmartZone, funding mechanisms, as well as supporting regional business incubators. Prior to joining LEAP, Jeff spent the last 4 years as Project Manager for New Economy Initiatives for the City of East Lansing, as well as staff of the Lansing Regional Smartzone.   In these roles, Jeff helped develop the operations and management programs for the Technology Innovation Center and the Hatch student business incubator. 

On Twitter: @jothum

Job Title: Co-Director – New Economy Division
Company: Leap, Inc.
College: Michigan State University, Master's in Urban Planning, East Lansing, Michigan

Louise Gradwohl

Working as the Executive Director of the Old Town Commercial Association is probably the best job I could ask for straight out of college.  I have the opportunity to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and produce large scale festivals and events, beautification projects and community enhancements to benefit the revitalization efforts for Old Town Lansing. I work with 1300 volunteers annually, manage 5 committees plus additional festival committees throughout the year, and train 5 interns from Michigan State University on the Michigan Main Street Program. I do everything from plant flowers to producing the annual festival fundraisers. With all of that amazing creative community energy that surrounds me daily from the families that visit our office to the business owners who support OTCA's efforts - I am able to combine my unique ideas with the community to execute our Old Town Lansing community development and economic revitalization program. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity to make an impact and leave a legacy on the Greater Lansing community I love so much.

On Twitter: @LouiseGradwohl

Job Title: Executive Director
Company: Old Town Commercial Association
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Advertising, East Lansing, Michigan

Ken Szymusiak

The New Economy Division of LEAP handles a number of different economic development initiatives on behalf of the tri-county region including: the management of the Lansing Regional SmartZone including the Technology Innovation Center & the Hatch, the administration of State of Michigan business accelerator funds and tools to help encourage the growth of startup companies, as well as a number of different “placemaking” and talent initiatives.  Our goal is to create a more entrepreneurial focused culture within the Greater Lansing region by supporting companies, places, events and assets that encourage this transformation.

Job Title: Co-Director, New Economy Division
Company: Leap, Inc.
College: Michigan State University/Northwood University, Bachelor's: Urban and Regional Planning/MBA, East Lansing/Lansing, Michigan

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