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Thomas Muenzer-White

My duties include market research, client research, assisting with project proposals and production. I am also responsible for general office assistant duties as well as other duties as assigned.  I chose this position because I wanted to expand my skill set. Ideally, I would like to eventually be in some sort of media or broadcast company role where I am a sales assistant or account manager, or some sort of client service role.

Job Title: Marketing Intern
Company: MessageMakers
College: Central Michigan University, School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Kylie Rogers-Strahan

I will lead external and internal communication, public and media relations, advertising, strategic planning, brand management, and coordinate all marketing research and activities.  SGA Production Services is the leader in design and execution of scalable event staging, seating and scenic solutions.

Job Title: Marketing Director
Company: SGA Production Services
College: Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI

Matt Penniman

I have worked with MessageMakers on a contract basis for some months, writing scripts for Fortune 500 company executives, association executives, and more to perform at high-profile events; creating new instructional content for training courses reaching 3,000 participants this year; and developing several websites. I have 11+ years of website development experience designing usable, focused websites for small business and nonprofit clients. I have also coordinated clients' social media networking and marketing efforts.

I am co-founder of the Capital Area Community Media Center, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and the chair of the Lansing Cable and Telecommunications Advisory Board. As such, I have 8 years of community technology and communications experience. My graduate work in Michigan State University's Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing program gave me a broad basis of knowledge about various means of communicating in online and print formats. 

Job Title: Writer and Web Developer
Company: MessageMakers
College: Michigan State University, Masters Degree, Bachelors Degree, East Lansing, MI

Pat Mcnerney

In the past, I have been a meeting services executive and membership director with Photo Marketing Association International. There, I planned domestic and international events drawing as many as 32,000 attendees, coordinated all event logistics, and saved his association $320,000 (out of a $740,000 annual convention budget) through negotiations with vendors.

MessageMakers is a full-service production company specializing in live events, video production and learning programs - and, ultimately, producing experiences that transform. The company has won over 40 awards for its work and community efforts over the past decade.

Job Title: Project Manager, Focusing on Event Production
Company: MessageMakers
College: Lansing Community College, Supplemental Education from MSU, University of Delaware's Institute for Organizational Management, Lansing, MI

Andy Doerr

I do graphic design. Mostly printed pieces, but some web design also. I also do alot of photography here. I got into graphic design in high school with the direction of my sister who owns a graphic design and web design company in Alexandria, VA called Simpatico Design Studio. She helped me take necessary classes and I started to love it and then I went to college for it. I took many graphic design jobs and internships until I found the internship at MessageMakers using MSU's career website. So I started as a graphic design intern fall 2009 and then continued until December. They decided to take me on as a part time contractor after that until September 2010. At that point they brought me on as a full-time employee. The best thing about my job is the relaxed and comfortable office setting. I also get to do some traveling with them to video and learning events all over the country. I love to travel so this makes the job even more enjoyable.

Job Title: Graphic Designer
Company: MessageMakers
College: Michigan State University, Department of Art & Art History, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and a specialization in Design, East Lansing, MI

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