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Jonathan Deisenroth

One of the main components involves the development and regimenting of basic operational procedures within the facility ie: brainstorming, structuring, and then implementing new ways of acquiring, organizing, and re-accessing the varieties of information that pertain to the functionality of NEO. Another is the maintenance of customer relations: ensuring tenants have access to resources, responding to requests, supplying information to potential new tenants, and most importantly, smiling and looking pretty. And then of course there are standard intern responsibilities; I maintain that I can make a cup of Foldger’s coffee that rivals (maybe even surpasses) Starbucks quality.

On Twitter: @Jon_NEOCenter

Job Title: Intern Coordinator of Operational Procedures
Company: Center for New Enterprise Opportunity (NEO Center)
College: Michigan State University, College of Arts and Letters, English, East Lansing, Michigan

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