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Laura Kastner

Social Media Interns will create compelling and dynamic content that will build and sustain awareness about the program. The Social Media Intern will work collaboratively with staff across the organization while writing and gathering content for electronic publications and key social media sites such as Facebook as well as developing and maintaining a blog that promotes the goals and messages of the organization.

On Twitter: @laura_kastner

Job Title: Garden Program Social Media Intern
Company: Ingham County Land Bank
College: Michigan State University, Professional Writing, East Lansing, Michigan

Gretchen Mensing

Developing and supporting communications and marketing efforts on behalf of the Michigan apple industry. The Michigan Apple Committee engages in market development, research, education and communication to enhance the reputation, improve target market share and ensure production sustainability of Michigan apples.

On Twitter: @gretchenmensing

Job Title: Communications and Marketing Manager
Company: Michigan Apple Committee
College: Grand Valley State University, BA degrees in Public Relations and Broadcasting, Allendale, Michigan

Becky Cunningham

As Program Coordinator of the Michigan Ag Council I will work with commodity groups, farmers and consumers to organize and implement education and communication campaigns that strengthen the connection between consumers and agriculture.

On Twitter: @becky_s_c

Job Title: Program Coordinator
Company: Michigan Ag Council
College: Michigan State University, College of Communcation Arts and Sciences, Communications with a Specialization in PR, East Lansing, Michigan

Michelle Waskiewicz

I am a recent graduate of the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction. I have extensive computer aided design and customer service experience. I will assist clients with plants and flowers for special

Job Title: Sales and Design Associate
Company: Plant Professionals, Inc.
College: Michigan State University, School of Planning, Design and Construction, East Lansing, MI

Amy K. Miller

As the Michigan Corn intern, I promote and attend events such as the Breakfast on the Farm campaigns as well as Ag Expo to help educate the public on Michigan's second largest commodity. I support program staff and their activities by editing, writing and publicizing radio clips, membership updates, and news and press releases. In addition to these roles, I assist with communication and presentation development by corresponding with board members about recent ethanol, corn or other industry news.
I learned about Michigan Corn by attending last year's Autumnfest, held at the MSU Pavilion. I met a staff member who was representing Michigan Corn and inquired about any open internship positions because the more I learned about Michigan Corn, the more I wanted to work there due to the events they attended, the information they submitted to the public and all of the very cool things they did to represent agriculture.
Michigan Corn has a great location. It is easily accessible because it's right off the highway and only 15 minutes away from my home. The building is set in a beautiful backdrop because it is surrounded by a corn field. It really makes it a attractive place to work. I enjoy working at Michigan Corn because it is a friendly environment where other staff members encourage me to learn about all the wonders of corn so that I am up to speed wit the latest information and able to communicate with others when I attend events. I really enjoy helping with the press releases and definitely enjoy talking with the board members who represent growers in Michigan. This has been an excellent opportunity to learn and practice agricultural communication as well as make friendships through the agriculture industry.

Follow me on Twitter @Amy_K_Miller

Job Title: Communication and Event Intern
Company: Michigan Corn Growers Association
College: Michigan State University, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources , East Lansing, MI

Becky Cunningham

I've always had an interest in agriculture and wanted a work experience that combined the industry with my communication background. As a freshman, I had no idea I would end up in public relations--until I job shadowed the PR department at Michigan Farm Bureau.  It's been three years since then, and I'm now working there.  What I enjoy most about my job is advocating one of our state's leading industries.  I concurrently work at Netvantage Marketing in East Lansing, where I intern in public relations and digital strategy.  Living in Lansing has jump-started my professional career by allowing me to dip into a variety of industries and figure out exactly what I like.

Follow me on Twitter @becky_s_c

Job Title: Media Relations Intern
Company: Michigan Farm Bureau
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Communication and Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

Amanda Segar

I coordinate the Partnership in our efforts to develop new Bridge Card programs at Michigan farmers market, to sustain those programs through support and education, and to facilitate and maintain Partnership activities.

Job Title: Partnership Coordinator
Company: Michigan Farmers Markets Food Assistance Partnership
College: Michigan State University, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Horticulture Department, East Lansing, MI

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