Lance Gascho

Lance Gascho has always been passionate about telling stories through videos, photographs, and other forms of design. He believes visual storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used to connect people and spark important social change. Lance has experience in television news, photojournalism, working in marketing departments, creating social media content, and working with a variety of clients throughout the state of Michigan. He is currently studying broadcasting and cinematic arts with a minor in multimedia design at Central Michigan University in hopes of pursuing a career in the media industry.

Development News Producer Brandon Keeton and director Luke Covert created “Turbo Cola”, an independent film that premiered at the historic Broadway Theatre during the Central Michigan International Film Festival.

Central Michigan International Film Festival, Turbo Cola

Development News CMIFF — Rising

Central Michigan International Film Festival, Rising

Development News Christian Grant

Central Michigan International Film Festival, Christian Grant

Development News Jeff Huisjen

Hopes for 2022, Jeff Huisjen

Development News Taylor Idema

Hopes for 2022, Taylor Idema

Development News The seasonal ice-skating rink is located on N. Main Street in Mt. Pleasant's Island Park at the Kaye Bouck Youth Softball Field just north of the tennis courts.

Outdoor ice-skating rink opens in Mt. Pleasant

Development News Amy Powell

Hopes for 2022, Amy Powell

Development News Jib-Bob's New Location

Jib-Bob Korean Restaurant to re-open in downtown Mt. Pleasant

Development News Omelettes & More

Omelettes & More opens in Mt. Pleasant