New at Mid: Short-term training programs for dental assistants and direct support professionals

Mid Michigan College has added two new programs to its array of short-term and professional development training opportunities. Whether it’s their first foray into the job market or a transitional one, the programs provide area residents the chance at a new career.

Mid’s first-ever dental assistant short-term training program began on Tuesday, Feb. 2. New rounds of courses also begin on June 7 and Sept. 13, with each being held at Mid’s Gladwin site.

A direct support professional short-term training course will be held at Mid’s Mt. Pleasant campus beginning on Monday, Feb. 15, and again on March 15.

“With short-term training, an individual may have never been in a higher learning situation before. Or they lost their job and are looking for a new career. Or they’re looking for an entry-level opportunity to the career that they specifically want,” says Scott Govitz, Associate Vice President of Workforce & Economic Development at Mid.

“Our goal is to create programs that are relevant to our business, industry, and healthcare partners.”

The dental assistant and direct support professional programs, he says, do just that. Responding to industry needs results in a qualified workforce, a workforce that is all the more likely to be hired in the first place.

Many of Mid’s short-term training courses require in-person learning due to the nature of the tasks at hand, such as earning a commercial driver’s license or practicing phlebotomy. Mid is working on creating hybrid learning opportunities for such cases, moving portions of courses online when possible.

Some professional development courses, like current offerings in Excel and PowerPoint, are offered 100% online.

“Our goal is to create a vibrant economic community in our region,” says Govitz. “And at Mid, we’re here to create capable and well-trained employees.”

Visit Mid Michigan College online to learn more about short-term and professional development training opportunities.

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