10 holiday displays to see in Mt. Pleasant this year

Season revelers, the time has come to enjoy a favored tradition to herald in the Christmas season. Discover stunning holiday displays that are lighting up the community and brightening the spirits of many this holiday season. So bundle up, and be sure to wear your boots as you may want to venture into the snow to get the full experience at some of these displays. Here are our top holiday displays to see in Mt. Pleasant this year.

815 Crescent Drive
The Joslin Family: 815 Crescent Drive
Frosty and his family at this brilliantly colored holiday display. Multicolored string lights, several brightly lit reindeer and inflatable characters make this display a must-see.

1054 E. Maple Street
The Gurski Family: 1054 E. Maple Street
This home’s holiday display brings cheer to those of all ages. Brightly lit bulbs hang from the trees and multicolored arches cover the sidewalks providing an immersive experience for pedestrians.

“I kind of like doing it a bit different every year, just so it's a little bit new and fresh, so we switch up where certain colors are and stuff like that. This year with COVID, we needed something else to focus on,” says homeowner Sarah Gurski.

1054 E. Maple Street
Located across the street from the Isabella Medical Care Facility and McLaren Central Michigan, the Gurski’s holiday display has helped to lift the spirits of many of their residents.

“I got a message from one of the nurses over at the medical care facility that, especially this year because they don't have visitation with their family, a lot of them are really struggling,” says Gurski. “She said that pretty much every night they wheel the residents along the windows and that it's one of the things that they really like.”

1038 Sweeney Street
1038 Sweeney Street
Santa waves from the rooftops as his friends greet onlookers from the ground below. Multicolor arches covering the sidewalk provide a canopy of color, and inflatable characters highlight this holiday display.

Broadway Street, Downtown Mt. Pleasant
Broadway Street, Downtown Mt. Pleasant
Downtown business storefronts shine bright with multicolor lights and festive window art painted by local artists. Take a stroll down Broadway Street, enjoy the sights, and maybe grab a coffee or hot chocolate from one of the cafes. Be sure to stop by and check out downtown Mt. Pleasant’s Christmas tree located on the corner of Broadway and Main Street.

205 N. Kinney Avenue
The Beard Family: 205 N. Kinney Avenue
White lights, and sleighs feature prominently in this holiday display. Located on the corner of N. Kinney Avenue and Mosher Street, homeowners Mark and Linda Beard say that they have always decorated for Christmas, but throughout the years they have expanded and incorporated some family history into their decorations.

“Four or five years ago we added the sleighs,” says Linda Beard. “The sleigh out in the front was my father-in-law's, and the sleigh on the other side was Mark's great-grandfather's. When we acquired those we decided to incorporate them. People come up and take pictures with their kids in front of them and that's kind of nice, but we like it because it's got some family history for us too.”

1001 E. Andre Street
1001 E. Andre Street
Several brightly lit inflatable characters and a candy cane lane line the sidewalk at this home. Snowflakes hang from the trees, shine from the windows, and multicolored string lights put a twinkle in the eye of those that see this holiday display.

500 W. Grand Avenue
500 W. Grand Avenue
Catch a glimpse of Santa and all of his reindeers as they take off. Multicolored lights and inflatable characters such as Snoopy and the Abominable Snowman from “Rudolph” make an appearance at this holiday display.

1307 Bruce Street
The Shaner Family: 1307 Bruce Street
While this family decorates for many holidays, they go all out for Christmas. Polar bears, penguins, and even a pet shop can be found in this brightly lit holiday display.

Bamber Woods Christmas Spectacular: 1811 W. Pickard Road
Bamber Woods Christmas Spectacular: 1811 W. Pickard Road
Park and tune your car radio to 88.1 FM to see this Christmas spectacle. 15,000 multicolored lights help Santa and his friends dance in time to Christmas songs such as “Jingle Bells” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Homeowner Bryan Chapman says that Christmas has always been a special time for he and his wife, Madison because their birthdays are in December.

“December has always been a fun month for us,” says Chapman. “We started really small putting up a few Christmas decorations outside, and over the last eight or nine years have continued adding to our display. It brings us so much joy and we just wanted to share it with others.”

Dent Family Christmas Farm: 1132 S. Brinton Road
The Dent Family Christmas Farm: 1132 S. Brinton Road
Outside the city limits is the Dent Family Christmas Farm, which boasts the largest Christmas light display in Central Michigan. Drive through, or park and explore and snag a photo with the Grinch as you take in this festive display featuring various larger-than-life inflatable characters.

Have you seen other outstanding holiday displays in Isabella County? Send us a jingle on Facebook and chime off in the comments where else we should visit this year!

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