Free community event series thrill Mt. Pleasant community

This summer, Thursdays are the days for thrills in Mt. Pleasant.

In collaboration with Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation, My 104.3 WCZY and its sister station Buck 92.3 WMMI have organized free weekly events for the community through August 19 and will be held either at the parks or on Broadway Street in downtown Mt. Pleasant.

“We go out there, broadcast live, have fun, and just enjoy our community on these events,” says Bob Peters, owner of 104.3. “We're a big fan of community events here at the radio stations, and it fits in along with our plan of everything else that we do in the community.”

Thrilling Thursdays started in late June with the May the Course be with You. Some upcoming events in the series include a Connect 4 Tournament, Weird Science, and will end with A Wild Goose Chase

After a year of many canceled events, Mt. Pleasant residents are ready to get out and reconnect with their community. The city’s parks and recreation department is just as eager to put on events.

“People are excited to get out and moving around again,” says Ryan Longoria, Director of Recreation and Sports for Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation. “We've been very fortunate to have the blessing of our local health departments, the state, and city leadership in order to get these folks out there and actively engaged.”

Parks and recreation have been collaborating with the local radio stations to put on events for years.

“It's one thing to partner with somebody and just have their name on something, but [104.3 and 92.3] they're engaged,” says Longoria. “They're actually with us at these events, at some of our offerings. It really has done a lot to show that this is a community and it's not just one entity doing it, it really is a variety of organizations that make these things possible.”

CORRECTION: This article has been updated to change an error, incorrectly attributing the 95.3 WCFX as a contributor to the event series.