Meet Angie Evans: Community pillar. Volunteer maven. And 2023’s The Good Prize recipient.

Angie Evans has been part of the Mt. Pleasant community for 16 years. A job in radio brought her to Isabella County, and in only a short time, Evans knew she wanted to make this community her permanent home. Recently, she was awarded with 2023’s The Good Prize from United Way of Gratiot and Isabella Counties—an annual award founded by professor, philanthropist and author Dr. Vincent Mumford, that honors everyday individuals whose deeds of good serve to inspire others and uplift communities.

Discover more about Angie Evans in this Q&A. 

Angie Evans poses for a photograph in Downtown Mt. Pleasant after recently being awarded 2023’s The Good Prize from United Way of Gratiot and Isabella Counties. (Photo: Courtney Jerome/Epicenter)Epicenter: Can you share with us what brought you to Mt. Pleasant originally? 
Evans: In 2007, while working as an assistant to the production director at CBS Radio in Detroit, I received a call from a well-respected man in the industry urging me to interview at a radio station in Mt. Pleasant. CFX was looking for a production director and afternoon host. I was at the very beginning of my radio broadcasting career and needed the experience in a smaller market to move into positions I thought I wanted in bigger markets. I came and interviewed with Kent Bergstrom at CFX and quickly found myself moving from Troy to Mt. Pleasant. 

Epicenter: What was your first impression when you moved here, and what did you envision for your future in the community? 
Evans: When I first moved to Mt. Pleasant, I didn’t think much of my future in the community. I just wanted to get better at my job. I quickly met a group of close friends, joined a couple non-profit committees, and fell in love with small-town radio. 

I knew, just a couple years later, that I had found a special place that I would eventually make my permanent home. I had to get creative so I could hit my financial goals I had set for myself. I worked remotely for different radio stations around the country, and eventually dipped my toes into the sales and marketing side of radio broadcasting. I met my husband in 2010 and from then we built a life together here. 

Epicenter: Now here you are today, over a decade and a half later. Tell us what your life looks like?
Evans: If you know me, you know my #1 in life is my family, immediate and extended. I have an amazing husband, Danny, who is my most-important love. I have three bonus kids: Haley; Devin; and Cameron who are now grown adults living on their own. In 2021, Danny and I welcomed our son, Trey, who, whether I like it or not, is growing way too fast! I am very close with my Mom who lives downstate in the Rochester area. We take turns visiting each other often—which is such a blessing. 

Since moving to the central Michigan area in 2007, I have been so fortunate to use my broadcasting platform to help nonprofits, and those that want to share their passions with others, through the CFX airwaves. In doing so, I learned about a passion of my own – this amazing community! My community has become a love of mine, and the people who live here are a huge part of that. 

I also work with many nonprofits and organizations I have become passionate about in the area. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Great Lakes Bay Region; CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates); United Way of Gratiot and Isabella Counties; Isabella County Restoration House (ICRH); Morey FlexTech High School; and The Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation are a few of them. 

My job at CFX has morphed and grown through the years, giving me the opportunity to learn and grow right alongside those changes. In 2021, CFX became part of Black Diamond Broadcasting, a company that has the same values of family and our local community that I do. Currently you can hear me on 95-3 CFX from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I am also an integrated marketing consultant. We have 10 radio stations in central and northern Michigan and a Digital Marketing Division that has given me the ability to help my local community partners reach their marketing goals in new and exciting ways. I am motivated by the success of my clients, and I love sharing my marketing knowledge and ideas with local businesses and nonprofits. My day-to-day at work is never like the day before, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Epicenter: Recently you were awarded as the The Good Prize 2023 Winner with the United Way—congratulations! What has that experience been like? 
Evans: It has been a whirlwind! I am so honored to be even considered for The Good Prize, especially next to Bob Wheeler and Terry Kunst. These men are pillars in our community who have worked tirelessly for their causes. Dr. Mumford, who established The Good Prize, wanted to honor great things happening in our community in hopes that it would ignite others to continue doing and searching for the positive. 

There is endless good happening and the more we speak about these remarkable things, the more it spreads. It’s a great reminder, and thanks to Dr. Mumford, a reminder that I will not soon forget. 

Angie Evans poses for a photograph in Downtown Mt. Pleasant after recently being awarded 2023’s The Good Prize from United Way of Gratiot and Isabella Counties. (Photo: Courtney Jerome/Epicenter)Epicenter: It's clear that you are a community pillar, leader, volunteer maven, and Queen of connecting people. What drives you to do all the wonderful things you do?
Evans: My parents and grandparents have been amazing teachers of good in my life. In particular, my Mom. Watching my Mom interact with others with kindness and love at her core has been my greatest life lesson. My Mom makes every person she comes in contact with—whether they are in her orbit for a quick moment or a lifetime—feel loved and seen. She lives through kindness, grace, and forgiveness.

That is my motivation.

I strive to spread that same kindness, love, helping hand, and guidance in order to make a small difference in the community I cherish. I am a continuous work in progress, but I am so grateful to central Michigan for accepting me into this community for the last 16 years.  
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