Mt. Pleasant company showcases unique tax services, talent, and workplace culture

Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. of Mt. Pleasant is anything but ordinary. For starters, the services they offer aren’t what you might expect.

“We're not involved in tax preparation,” explains CEO and founder, Tina McCormick. “We design what I call ‘elegant software solutions’ for corporate tax and for the ‘SAP’ accounting software. We help them analyze and retain all their SAP business transactions that are required to support their tax audits.”

In other words, the average person undergoing a typical tax audit would need to gather lots of paperwork that supports their tax return. McCormick says business tax audits, on the other hand, are much more complicated.

“These companies not only file in Michigan, but they probably file in all the states and different countries and local jurisdictions. And they could have an audit for many reasons—whether it's income tax, sales tax, property tax. So, they need assistance,” she says. “If you were going to go under an audit, you might reach out to your accountant. These big companies reach out to us. We know data; we know big data; we know accounting; we know taxes; we know computers.”

McCormick says that while contractually she can’t divulge which big-name companies she has worked with over the years, the list is extensive.

“We've done everything from airlines to pharmaceuticals to footwear and apparel to consumer products. We've done almost every industry that you can possibly think of.”

Aside from a unique working relationship with a variety of types of global businesses, McCormick also works hard to make sure her company’s physical space reflects the unique work they do.

“If you think of most accounting offices, they're going to be very gray, right? So, our colors are bright,” McCormick says. “Because in a world full of just kind of beige and grays, we like the bright ideas ... we always want to take a different perspective on stuff. And so, we carry that theme through to our office space.”

In fact, much of the office decor was created by employees themselves.

“We like the left brain and the right brain,” McCormick says with a smile. “And so there's a lot of creative art.”
Interior decor at the Enterprise Tax Solutions office on Northway Dr. (Photo courtesy of eTax Solutions)Interior decor at the Enterprise Tax Solutions office on Northway Dr. (Photo courtesy of eTax Solutions)Interior decor at the Enterprise Tax Solutions office on Northway Dr. (Photo courtesy of eTax Solutions)“There's always a table for a puzzle because you have to pay attention to detail of shapes, of colors, and it helps the brain kind of keep fresh. We have an ongoing Scrabble game up on the board. And there's games in the lunchroom,” she says, noting the company’s office space also has a lounge and exercise room available for staff to use. “Anything that kind of gets them away for 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon; just to be able to give their eyes a break; give their brain a break.”

“We try to keep the environment where somebody would want to come,” she adds. 

And the company is always looking for unique talent to come join them.

“A lot of the people that we hire, they're both creative and analytical,” she says. “Some people are very logical, and some people are very creative. But when you can get the mix of the two, that's kind of the sweet spot.”

McCormick says that part of the company’s mission is to hire locally as much as possible, as well as bring new talent to the area.

“I did grow up here and came back because I think that mid Michigan has a lot to offer. We try really hard to retain good staff and to invest in them and invest in their education so we can develop talent here,” she says. “The only thing that constrains us right now is finding talent. So, we're always working on increasing bandwidth so that we can expand.”

Future expansion efforts include finding talent through the company’s connections with universities.

“We stay connected with their career and development centers to stay on top of the events that they have in order to reach out to those talented students and graduates.”

eTax Solutions team members laugh during a meeting. (Photo courtesy of eTax Solutions)The company is also planning to continue its involvement with Middle Michigan Development Corporation’s Coming Home event, allowing them to recruit skilled workers who may have left the area but are interested in returning.

And McCormick says the company continues to grow in other ways as well. In 2022, Enterprise Tax Solutions was awarded a Michigan GoingPro Talent grant through Michigan Works!, which gave them the ability to offer even more training opportunities to their staff.

“We're also developing our own corporate tax software,” she says. “That was one of the reasons why we were recognized as a Michigan ‘50 Companies to Watch’ in 2020.”

“I could live anywhere in the world, and sometimes people ask me, why Michigan? Why are you in Mt. Pleasant?” McCormick says. “It's absolutely a beautiful state, right? And honestly, post pandemic, I think it's been a little bit easier to be able to live where you want, and so why not live in Michigan?”

“I moved back after living in Chicago for 20 years so I could take care of parents and build up a workforce here,” she concludes. “I can help develop people to have a high paying job here with a low cost of living. That's the beauty of living here.” 

Learn more about Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. and their employment opportunities by visiting their website.

This story was updated at 12 p.m. on Monday, June 19 for clarification purposes.
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