Soup kitchen plans renovations to meet growing community need

For nearly 30 years, the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen has been feeding the public and they have no intention of stopping or slowing down. In fact, since the soup kitchen’s humble beginnings using the small kitchen and cafeteria in The Wesley Foundation on Central Michigan University’s campus, the organization has continued to grow and has seen an increasing need for its services.


Today, the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen serves two meals – breakfast and lunch – six days per week to anyone who needs a warm meal.


“All are welcome,” says Sarah Adkins, Executive Director of the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen. “There’s no paperwork, there’s no questions, and there’s no judgement. Everyone is welcome to come and eat.”


The need for this service in the community can be seen in the numbers of meals they consistently serve.


“We average 90-100 people six days per week for lunch,” says Adkins. She adds, “We’ve seen an increase in the number of guests per day, which means that our dining room space is very crowded.”

The Isabella Community Soup Kitchen serves 90-100 people per day for lunch six days per week.


To meet the increased need and better serve their guests, the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen is planning on several renovations to the building they have been using for 17 years, including: expanding the dining area, renovating the bathrooms to accommodate those with disabilities, replacing the front entrances so they are barrier free, and installing a bus shelter for the guests who use public transportation.


“We’re hoping to have a more comfortable and accommodating space for our guests,” says Adkins. “A few of our guests have walkers and wheelchairs, and it’s difficult for them to get around in our dining room now as it is now.”


The renovations haven’t started yet; but, the community may begin to see the renovation process launch by the beginning of fall. Adkins says it is expected that the renovations will be completed within 6-8 months, throughout which the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen will continue to serve meals as much as possible.


Adkins says she is thankful for the support the community has provided the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen since 1990, and grateful that they have seen value in the organization’s work.


“The community should celebrate this service that they’ve provided for 30 years because it has been a 100% community supported project from the beginning.”


There are multiple ways to get involved with the soup kitchen and support its ongoing mission – either via donations of money or food, or as a volunteer. Donations can also be made specifically for the upcoming renovation project. To get involved or donate, contact Sarah Adkins at

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