Mid Michigan College offers short-term training programs to fast-track your career

Those seeking an expedited way to begin a new career path may be able to do so in mere months with a little assistance from Mid Michigan College’s Short-Term Training and Professional Development opportunities.

Though these training courses aren’t necessarily new to the college, they hold a renewed relevance in modern times when there are employee shortages in key sectors of the workforce. And because the turnaround time for completion is fairly rapid, these programs are supplying a steady stream of available applicants to the area.
“I’m thankful for the people at Mid who helped me succeed. From letting me use a proctor for testing to staying late so I could take my tests after work, they were always willing to go above and beyond. And I’m proud of myself for making it through the program while working full-time."

- Chris Millard, a recent Mid Electrical Apprenticeship student
Autumn Matthews, Administrative Specialist for Workforce & Economic Development at Mid Michigan College, says, “We continually explore new course offerings and training locations. The short-term trainings are designed as an opportunity to complete a specialized career training in a short period of time, generally two months or less, and obtain entry-level employment.”

In fact, a recent press release from the college states, “Many of the careers connected to Mid’s Short-Term Training are ranked among the fastest-growing occupations by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, including welders, certified nurse assistants (CNAs), and phlebotomists,” according to Kristine Stevens, Director of Business & Industry Training at Mid.

Short-Term Training programs currently being offered include:
  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Class A
  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Class B
  • Community Health Worker
  • Dental Assistant
  • Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)
  • Phlebotomy
  • Surveying, Reading Plans & Bridge Maintenance

In addition to these offerings, Welding, Drone Piloting, and Electrical Apprenticeship are other skilled trade training programs available periodically. The Electrical Apprenticeship training and testing can be done completely online, allowing easy access to those who must train around busy work or family schedules.

While the programs Mid Michigan College offers now aren't new, many are especially relevant as a worker shortage plagues many industries.While there is a cost of between $200 and $5,000 for each offering, enrollees are able to quickly turn around and apply for jobs instead of waiting for a few years to earn a degree and then seek employment. In addition, there are opportunities for significant tuition assistance through MiWorks! or MI Rehabilitation Services for those who qualify.

Aside from the Short-Term Trainings, Mid offers Professional Development opportunities as well. Matthews says, “The professional development classes are offered for those interested in enhancing skills needed for their current employment, such as excel training, Mental Health First Aid, QuickBooks, or Supervisory Skills.”

Matthews reports that enrollment in the various programs has remained steady over the years and that those who complete the programs have a high success rate in finding a job after.

“In the past year, we trained 285 individuals in short-term training programs and 229 individuals in professional development classes. 92% of the short-term training graduates have reported successfully obtaining employment in their field of study,” says Matthews.

Short-term training programs available at Mid Michigan College include community health worker, dental assistant, nurse aides, and phlebotomists.Hattie Hull, 19, and Audrey Kelley, 19, are two recent examples of those who became gainfully employed as a result of the training at Mid. Both completed the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) certification course through Mid in 2021 and have used this certification to quickly obtain positions in the field of healthcare.

Kelley initially pursued her CNA to see if she really had an interest in working in the medical field and currently works as a Patient Care Technician at MyMichigan Health in Midland while pursuing her BSN degree. 

“Words in this instance almost can't describe the impression of the experience I had while training to be a CNA. To start it off, I had a great teacher and classmates who made the learning environment perfect for training…The comraderie that was formed in class was amazing as well and I truly felt completely prepared when it came time to take the test and the clinical test for my CNA certification. I would strongly advise anyone I meet to consider attending Mid Michigan Community College for their CNA program,” Kelley says.

Hull also found the CNA training to be incredibly useful, especially because she was hired at the Isabella County Medical Care Facility where she had completed some of her clinical training in the program.

Hull believes that the instructors in these trainings make a significant difference when it comes to student success and eventual hiring. 

“I loved CNA training with Terry Welch. She has so much experience and I learned so much from her. She even agreed to be listed as one of my references which helped me in getting my job as a CNA. She would do anything for her students,” says Hull.

In general, once registered, there are no additional costs for enrollees. Some programs, such as CNA, require passage of the state licensing exam, or encourage passage of a national exam, like Phlebotomy. However, these tests are generally under $200 to take.

Locations for each training session vary, but include the Harrison and Mt. Pleasant campuses, Big Rapids, Freeland, and even online options. Several trainings will be starting up new sessions in late September and early October.

Chris Millard, a recent Mid Electrical Apprenticeship student, recommends the Short-Term Training options to anyone who needs to fit in their education around work. 

Millard says, “I’m thankful for the people at Mid who helped me succeed. From letting me use a proctor for testing to staying late so I could take my tests after work, they were always willing to go above and beyond. And I’m proud of myself for making it through the program while working full-time... I always tell people to remember that the time spent studying, when you would rather be doing other things, pays off in the end with a rewarding career.”

For more information about upcoming training opportunities or to register, visit www.midmich.edu or contact the Technical Education Center at training@midmich.edu or (989) 386-6614

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