After over 70 years, Trillium Fine Clothing remains a unique cornerstone of downtown business

The business located at 123 E. Broadway Street in Mt. Pleasant may have undergone multiple changes with names and owners, but for 72 years it’s always been one thing: a women’s clothing store.

Now known as Trillium Fine Clothing, the business has continuously operated as a women’s clothing store since it first opened in 1947 as Marianne Fashion Center.

Current owner Helen Chase has owned Trillium for 39 years. She purchased the business in 1981 with a partner and when Chase’s partner retired in 1999, she stayed on to operate the business single-handedly.

“No one sells the variety and selection that we do,” says Helen Chase, owner of Trillium.
Chase moved to Mt. Pleasant from Midland when she was a child. She has strong roots in the community where she has been a resident for over 60 years. She is a graduate of Sacred Heart Academy and Central Michigan University (CMU) and a downtown business owner that is an frequent participant in downtown events.

“I’m committed to our community, I’m committed to downtown, and I’m committed, and extremely grateful, to the loyalty of my client base,” says Chase. “I’ve said countless times, I am not here without my customers. The person that comes in and shops with me keeps me open—I don’t do that alone.”

As a young student studying at CMU, Chase worked at the women’s clothing store as a weekend job managing the store part-time while she finished her degree.

“I loved it,” says Chase. “I loved clothing, I loved fashion so I immediately loved the job. Who wouldn’t love working with beautiful things?”

In addition to women’s apparel, Trillium sells accessories such as jewelry, purses, and cosmetics.
When the opportunity to purchase the business came up, Chase knew that was what she wanted to do as her career and had the experience.

Chase says that what sets her business apart is the selection of stock and the level of service.

“No one sells the variety and selection that we do,” says Chase. “There is no one else downtown whose only business is women’s clothing and accessories.”

Trillium sells a wide variety of women’s apparel ranging from casual wear to special occasion, and accessories such as jewelry, purses, and cosmetics. The store is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays.

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