United Way launches new United for Moms initiative around Mother’s Day

What’s happening: United Way of Gratiot & Isabella Counties is hosting a collection drive in May for its new initiative, United for Moms. The United for Moms initiative ensures local mothers are equipped with necessities for daily living, such as personal care items, cleaning products, and baby items. Centered around Mother’s Day, this initiative will lighten the burden for local mothers. 

For the duration of this initiative, United Way of Gratiot & Isabella Counties will act as a liaison between community members and non-profit organizations. United Way serves as the promoter of the initiative and collector of donations before passing them off to participating non-profit organizations. The nonprofits will then give the items to mothers.

Why it’s important: United for Moms directly benefits local nonprofits that focus on community aid. These organizations include The Care Store, Community Compassion Network Infant Pantry, Life Choices, and R.I.S.E. Advocacy. Each of these organizations supports mothers in a unique way, together comprising a holistic support network that will be strengthened through supplies garnered as a part of United for Moms.

“[This initiative] specifically supports local moms because these organizations will get all of our collected items and then be able to give them out as needed,” says Lindsey Miller, director of engagement and creative services at United Way of Gratiot & Isabella Counties. “We care about women and children in need at United Way, and anything we can do to help relieve the financial burden of people in need is one of our main goals.”

About the mission: United Way of Gratiot & Isabella Counties is hoping to make a profound difference in the lives of mothers and children in need. “This is a new initiative, and we decided [to start during] the month of May because of Mother’s Day,” says Miller. 

However, the challenges mothers face extend beyond the month of May, and United Way provides year-round support for mothers and other groups within the community. Community members can aid in these efforts financially and through volunteer opportunities. 

“We have a volunteer platform, so anyone can sign up for something that works for their schedule,” adds Miller. By promoting specific initiatives like United for Moms, and through broader community support systems, United Way is seeking to make a difference in the lives of community members via the provision of logistical and financial aid, Miller says.  

How to help: To participate in the new initiative, donations can be brought to the collection day event hosted by United Way at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers’ Market on May 18. In addition, donations can be dropped off at any participating businesses in Gratiot or Isabella counties, of which a comprehensive list can be found at the bottom of the page here. A shopping list for items of highest priority can be found here. If unable to acquire physical items, community members also can text “MOM” to 40403 for the opportunity to contribute financially to the initiative.
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