Allegan County Community Foundation awards $346K in scholarships

Through the generosity of Allegan County Community Foundation (ACCF) donors and the hard work of its review committees, the foundation awarded a total of $346,474 to more than 140 students, including graduating high school seniors, returning college students, and adult learners. 

These scholarships encompass a wide range of learning paths, ensuring that students have the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams.  

The success of the program is a result of the foundation’s collaboration with school districts across Allegan County, which make scholarship applications available to students. The partnership has played a significant role in expanding educational opportunities throughout the county, says ACCF Executive Director Stephanie Calhoun.

Each year, ACCF staff visits up to 10 area school districts, attending senior awards nights to hand out scholarships. This year, Calhoun attended events in Plainwell and Otsego. 

“One thing that struck me while I was there is the incredible generosity of our communities. So many individuals and families have come together to ensure that their legacy lives on through scholarships to local students,” Calhoun says. 

Bob Eder, an ACCF board trustee and scholarship committee member, adds that, as a member of the board of the ACCF, he’s honored to “participate in the foundation's scholarship process that rewards and supports deserving students in Allegan County to pursue and achieve their dreams through college and vocational education."

Here is a breakdown of the scholarships by school district:

Allegan $67,500
  • Margaret Allen Scholarship
  • Doris Green Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Morrie Memorial Scholarship
  • Guy and Halie Teed Family Scholarship
  • Allegan Tiger Athletic Scholarship
  • Against All Odds Scholarship
  • Dianna Jo Bortz Vocal Arts Scholarship
  • R.G. “Bud” Blanz Scholarship
  • 2*3*4 Scholarship
  • Allegan County Law Enforcement or Corrections Scholarship

Bloomingdale $47,000
  • Bloomingdale Area Education Foundation Scholarship
  • William "Bill" Lake Memorial Scholarship

Fennville $13,394
  • Honorable George R. Corsiglia Scholarship
  • Trevor & Marie Nichols Scholarship
  • Frederick "Laddie" Mesyar Scholarship
  • Helen F. Kitchen Memorial Scholarship
  • Saugatuck Douglas Garden Club
  • Hon. George R. Corsiglia Scholarship
  • McIlwaine Skilled Trades Scholarship

Hamilton $1,500
  • 2*3*4 Scholarship

Hopkins $3,000
  • Robert and Ruth Richards Richwood Farms Memorial Scholarship

Martin $13,500
  • Martin Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Fenner Family Scholarship
  • Dr. Kevin and Emily Martin Health Occupation Scholarship
  • McIlwaine Skilled Trades Scholarship
  • 2*3*4 Scholarship

Otsego $134,180
  • Popke Family Scholarship
  • Bernard Jay Bortz Teaching Scholarship
  • TAG Team Scholarship
  • McIlwaine Skilled Trades Scholarship
  • Thiel Music Scholarship
  • 2*3*4 Scholarship
  • Allegan County Law Enforcement or Corrections Scholarship

Plainwell $9,500
  • Plainwell Education Foundation Senior Scholarship
  • Ron Faurot Memorial Scholarship
  • The Larry Barlow Scholarship
  • Jack and Phyllis Streidl Memorial Scholarship
  • Mimi Gabriel Angel Scholarship
  • 2*3*4 Scholarship

Saugatuck $41,500
  • Alice Clark Memorial Scholarship
  • Butler Business Scholarship
  • West Shore Aware Scholarship
  • Saugatuck Douglas Garden Club
  • Mark Wark Scholarship
  • Fearless Leader Scholarship
  • Saugatuck Scholarship Foundation - Dr. John Clinger
  • Saugatuck Scholarship Foundation General
  • Sutton Stevenson Memorial Scholarship
  • Mike Marsh Memorial Scholarship
  • 2*3*4 Scholarship

Wayland $13,500
  • Bernard Jay Bortz Teaching Scholarship
  • AAESA Teacher Scholarship
  • Allegan Pride in Freedom Scholarship
  • 2*3*4 Scholarship

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