Gentex donates water-safety signs as part of life-saving effort at Holland State Park

New digital signs at Holland State Park are part of the latest effort to educate swimmers about when it’s safe to swim in Lake Michigan and when they should stay out of the water.

Gentex donated multiple large digital displays to more prominently identify water and swimming conditions, messaging that corresponds with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources flag warning system.  

"The digital signs are a simple yet effective way to communicate Lake Michigan swimming conditions," said Craig Piersma, Gentex vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Holland State Park is an incredible community asset, but some visitors underestimate the lake's power, so it was important to support the work of the consortium by helping enhance water safety for all who visit."

The Gentex Facilities Department designed, built, and installed the digital signs. 

Assisting safety consortium

"The monitors will supplement the flag system that the state park uses to communicate with visitors."

They are also part of a campaign by the Holland State Park Water Safety Consortium to increase awareness about water conditions at state parks along the lakeshore.

The consortium is made up of governmental and quasi-governmental units, private non-profits and residents. 

“The Holland State Park Water Safety Consortium expresses sincere appreciation to Gentex in helping us accomplish our goal of eliminating drownings and water rescues at the state park,” the organization said in a statement. 

The consortium has worked over the past two years to improve the safety protocols and increase public education and awareness of the risks associated with swimming in Lake Michigan. 


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