(Anti) Racism Task Force partners with A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth

The (Anti) Racism Task Force will conduct a free three-day virtual conference in partnership with anti-racism nonprofit, “A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth” 6:30 p.m. Sept. 27, 28, and 29.
The task force, convened by The Momentum Center last year, is set to resume its monthly town hall discussions in October. 
“Polarization is real. At a time when we need each other more than ever, we are spending less time really listening to each other,” Momentum Center Experi-Mentor (Executive Director) Barbara  Lee VanHorssen says. “We have to create safe places for honest conversations so that we can address people’s fears and misunderstandings in ways that educate without shaming, teach without creating more intolerance.”

A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth 

Founded in 2020 by Kyle Williams and Kamal Carter, two Black fathers and innovative educators, A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth seeks to eradicate racism and dismantle white supremacy through a series of hosted conversations that facilitate deep listening, provide tools for productive introspection, and ultimately empower, energize, and activate participants to become more effective allies in the pursuit of the shared purpose. Since its founding, A Long Talk has hosted special conversations with nearly 2,000 people.
The organization’s goal is “to place an anti-racist at every dinner table in America.” The collaboration is a result of town hall participants requesting additional tools for holding respectful conversations on the topic with family, friends, and co-workers.

The three-day Zoom conference consists of three 90-minute sessions. The first, “Unpacking Your Truth,” will help participants make a connection between shared American history and current reality. “Finding Your Voice” on day two will help participants learn ways to challenge racist comments and beliefs factually and respectfully. The conference will end with “Activating Your Activism” through which participants will be able to identify and overcome internal and external challenges that hinder living as an active anti-racist.

'More just society'
“When we understand that our life experiences are genuinely different, we stop being defensive,” VanHorssen says. “And we start looking for ways to create a more just society for everyone.”
For details and to register for the free three-day conference, visit momentum centergh.org. Participants must agree to complete a pre-conference preparation assignment.
The Momentum Center is a grassroots movement to create a stigma-free community. It does this by hosting community conversations and operating The Momentum Center for social engagement that addresses mental illness, addictions, and disabilities. The Momentum Center also houses the Momentum Café and operates Just Goods Gifts.

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