Student's survey reveals how young people feel about COVID-19 vaccine

Adults have developed varied opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine. Now that those 12 and older have permission to get the vaccine, it becomes an issue for young people to deal with, as well. In the past weeks, I surveyed a dozen 11- to 14-year-olds who are friends of mine in West Michigan about the vaccine. Some parents wonder what goes on inside of their kid’s head. Here, some of your questions are answered. The following questions were asked:
  • Do you have your vaccine or are you wanting to get it?
  • Why do or don’t you?

The results of the survey show that seven of the 12 students have been vaccinated.

Here are their reasons:
  • “I got my vaccine to keep me and others safe.”
  • “I got my vaccine so everything can get back to normal and keep those who I love safe.”
  • “I got my vaccine to protect older family members.”
  • “I got my vaccine in case it comes back or gets worse.”
  • “I got my vaccine so I can see family members and don’t have to wear a mask.”
  • “I got my vaccine so I can do things and don’t have to wear a mask.”
  • “I got it to protect my grandparents.”

Five teens did not get their vaccine, and here are their reasons:
  • “I am not getting my vaccine because there is research that there is metal and trackers in the vaccine.”
  • “I didn’t get my vaccine because it might not be safe.”
  • “I might get my vaccine when my siblings get it.”
  • “I am going to get the vaccine soon.”
  • “I am underage to get it, but I will get it when I can. I trust the vaccine, so you won’t get infected.” 

I found it interesting that what I hear from casual talk in school is a lot different from the results that I have found from my survey. My guess is that when kids are in a community in school, they are influenced by other kids, but when they are at home, their parents influence their opinions. I got my vaccine because my parents got it.  Even if my parents had left the decision up to me, I still wanted to get vaccinated to keep myself and others safe. 

Ave Devanney is an eighth-grader living in Holland and a contributor to The Lakeshore. In her free time, she enjoys skateboarding, making movies, and hanging out with her friends. She also is a ballerina and a gymnast. 

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