WHTC voice keeps the beat of the band coming to Holland

You hear Dan Evans' deep voice daily on WHTC delivering news and doing interviews -- including a monthly update from The Lakeshore WM. Now, you can see him perform with Bueller, where he’ll be keeping the beat on drums with the Nashville-based ‘80s tribute band.
Dan Evans
Tickets are available for the Friday, Oct. 6 concert at the Park Theatre near downtown Holland. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 day of show. There are also some limited VIP options, including $50 VIP Red Leather Seats and a $100 table upgrade.

Bueller performs ‘80s rock, from synthesizer-led Flock of Seagulls and Van Halen to classic metal of Poison and Def Leppard. Evans has performed with the band since it started more than 15 years ago, although less frequently after he left Nashville two years ago to move to Holland and join the radio station. 

He’s looking forward to not only reuniting with the band this week, but to perform in front of an audience that knows him for his radio voice. 

“They all still work and live in Nashville, but I decided I want to bring these guys up for a show here in Holland.” Evans says.”And I couldn't be more excited.” 

The band is built around husband and wife duo John and Amy Leshner. Both are the lead singers. Amy plays keyboard and John plays bass. 

Music always part of his life

“I’ve been a musician a lot longer than I've been in radio. My late father was a music educator, so music was a part of the house. I've wanted to play drums ever since my dad let me watch Buddy Rich on Johnny Carson,” says Evans, who played in the jazz ensemble in high school. 

“I was just always enthralled with the drums. My two older brothers were horn players, playing the trombone and trumpet. My dad was a trombone player. So I was the black sheep of the family as a drummer. I was listening to Kiss and Zeppelin while my brothers listened to jazz.”

Because drummers can complete different rhythmical tasks with all four of their limbs simultaneously, their brains are more adept at multitasking, according to researchers. That may explain why Evans fit so well into radio work, which requires doing several things at once.

After touring with a band for a few years, Dan took his brother up on his invitation to live with him in Boston. Someone told him he had a voice for radio, so Evans signed up for broadcast school, which trained him and helped him get his first entry-level job with a country station in Boston. 

On Friday night, he’ll sing lead on a few songs, including the Journey classic “Separate Ways” and the Van Halen anthem “Jump.”  

And don’t leave early, or you’ll miss his take on an AC/DC song.

“We’re going to actually have a local drummer come on up to play drums so I can be out front,” Evans says. “I'm excited.”

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