Disability Inclusion

Feature Story Two GRIT wheelchair users pose at a local park.

All-terrain wheelchair loan program opens outdoors to more users

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Rock musicians with autism to be honored with Discover Ability Award

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PHOTOS: Celebrating Deaf Awareness Month

Feature Story Lucia Rios at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. (Shandra Martinez)

How I’m learning to vacation better with my disability

Feature Story Columnist Lucia Rios participated in a disability etiquette panel discussion during the Disability: IN conference last month.

What is disability etiquette?

Feature Story Charles “Charlie” Elwood and Chris Martin using version 2.0 of Martin’s voice for the first time at Carpe Latte Coffee Shop.

AI app gives voice to those who’ve lost theirs

Feature Story The band Flexadecibel performs at Party in the Park in 2022.
Feature Story Megan and Andrew Howe enjoy the great outdoors.

Accountant with hearing loss advocates for her success