Chateau Chantal cofounder Nadine Begin's cookbook/ memoir: good read with good food

If you've ever wondered what life might be like as a nun, then as the wife of a former Roman Catholic priest, as a mother and finally as co-proprietor of a B&B winery with an amazing view, read Nadine Begin's Feed my Lambs, Feed my Sheep - The Meals and Memories of a Lifetime.

The cookbook/memoir, which she published a year ago after countless requests from her guests, illustrates with photos, prose, poetry and family recipes the journey that began on a southern Michigan farm in 1932.

Here's an excerpt: "In 1950-53 we had beautiful ceremonies becoming Novices, receiving the white veil and then the black veil as fully professed Sisters. Our family and friends were invited. It was the joy of a wedding. Everyone's most favorite food was babka which Sister Isadore would bake in her mountainous ovens. It was served with humble bologna."

Thirty-five years later, Nadine was married to Robert Begin and lived in Northern Michigan: "In 1983 we lived in Europe for nine months touring, studying wine, getting ideas for the Chateau Winery. We returned in November, bought a 60-acre cherry farm and my once handsome, debonair, French CEO became a farmer. Tuxedos, dark suits and ties flash across my mind. I see dusty boots, holes in trousers and pockets and a smile from ear to ear!"

Feed my Lambs, Feed my Sheep can be purchased for $19.95 at the Chateau Chantal tasting room or online here.

Writer: Patty LaNoue Stearns
Source: Marie-Chantal Dalese

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