Gaylord Delivery opens for business

A new delivery service aims to help out northwest Michigan residents with transportation issues--not to mention visitors or seasonal residents who may need a helping hand.
Gaylord Delivery is an offshoot of existing business Alpine Electronics, in response to a community need that owner Bill Hughes saw locally.
Whether it's a senior citizen needing a grocery delivery, or just bad weather keeping you from getting out of the house, the delivery service offers home delivery for a variety of things, like pharmacy pickups, groceries, lumber, auto parts, furniture or restaurant order delivery. Another thing Gaylord Delivery can do is help get your cabin or camp ready with vacation deliveries, so you don't have to make the trek into town.
Prices vary, but include senior discounts, discounts on regularly-scheduled deliveries, and same-day delivery prices. Gaylord Delivery is reachable by phone at 231-732-5004 or by email.
Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Gaylord Delivery
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