Northwestern Michigan College offers new audio tech degree

If you've always wanted a career in the music industry, a new degree offered at Northwestern Michigan College might just be perfect for you.

It's an 18-month, fast-track program that results in an associate's degree in audio technology, which will train students to be studio engineers, recording engineers, composers and other music careers, according to NMU music program director Jeff Cobb.

The program takes four semesters, including summer, and includes two dozen new courses and some existing courses, combined to make one comprehensive educational program that includes hands-on experience running sound production at NMC's Milliken Auditorium. Professional certification at various levels is available at the end of the course, and students also will have the opportunity to become certified on specific platforms, like Apple.

It's valuable for those looking for a sound engineering job or even musicians who want to record their own music, says Cobb.
"The industry has really changed. It's gone from an old model of several big corporations creating all the music to musicians creating, recording and producing music in their own project studio. You don't have to live in LA or New York anymore. The technology allows you to do it all in your home studio. We're going to be creating a new niche in the audio technology training market," he says.

Along with the new degree, NMC is reinstating its second year slate of music major courses, which had been on hiatus, for those pursuing a bachelor's degree.

"Our students are going to be musicians and technically savvy," he said. "They're getting a foundation in music, true music training, on top of all that technology training."

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Jeff Cobb, Northwestern Michigan College

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