Safety Net holds e-waste drive in April

If you're doing some spring cleaning around the office and wondering what to do with all the outdated electronics and non-working computers, Safety Net has an answer.
The IT company in Traverse City is organizing an e-waste drive for Earth Day, to be held April 22 and 23, which will also benefit Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan.
Safety Net held the program, called "Keep it Green! Keep it Clean!" last year, in which they will travel to Traverse City area businesses and pick up unwanted computers and electronics.
Often, e-waste like old computers or electronics has elements like lead, cadmium and mercury in its components, meaning it can't be thrown out to end up in a regular landfill, where the materials could end up in soil or groundwater. But, a side benefit to recycling the items instead is that they also contain precious scrap metals, which can be extracted for resale, helping to conserve resources.
Donations allowed include computers and their components, hard drives, keyboards and other peripherals.
The items picked up will be appropriately recycled, with any profit from the parts or metals going to benefit Goodwill programs. Businesses can contact Safety Net to schedule a pickup via email.
Writer: Kim Eggleston
Source: Safety Net
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