Blue Terra Energy offering free, installed energy kits

If you're a customer of UPPCO and SEMCO and you're interested in making your home a little more energy efficient, then you're in luck.

Blue Terra Energy, in Hancock, is partnering with Efficiency United to provide customers of the Upper Peninsula Power Company and SEMCO Energy Gas Company with free, installed energy kits now through September.

The kits include things like CFL bulbs, energy-efficient shower heads, faucet aerators, pipe wraps and a programmable thermostat and are valued at approximately $85. What's more is that the installed kits are expected to save customers an average of $250 on their utility bills per year.

The kits will be installed by Dave Camps of Blue Terra Energy. He is an engineer who specializes in energy consulting and can be reached via email. Contact him for more information about scheduling your installation.

UPPCO and SEMCO  customers pay an Energy Optimization Charge on their monthly bill. Those fees are used to support this program and help reduce homeowners' energy consumption and improve Michigan's overall energy efficiency.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Dave Camps, Blue Terra Energy
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