PC Medic wants to help you keep your data backed up and secure

It looks like the folks over at PC Medic are expanding their operations again, this time to help bring the security of system backups to businesses and private users alike.

The service, which owner Scott Martin says has already started getting plenty of attention, allows clients to sign up for a remote backup data solution that allows them to enjoy the safety and security of cloud storage but without having to learn how to use complicated software or buy additional equipment.

"We've had a few customers come into the shop in the last year who lost all of their data," says Martin, who has owned and operated PC Medic for over a decade. "One was a photographer who ended up paying over $2,000 to get her data recovered. We've shown people free data backup solutions, but many of them feel intimidated, or just don't want to deal with the installation and upkeep of backup software."

The company has developed a service known as PC Medic Data Safe, a comprehensive online backup and data storage solution that will backup a single or multiple computer systems as well as mobile devices. The service is done in real time and the data is always encrypted so that only the device that was subject to backup can read it.

What's more is that Martin and his team will do all the backup procedure for their clients. They can track when the last backups occurred and remotely have the service take place, eliminating scheduling and downtime for their clients.

Martin suggests clients reach out to PC Medic for a quote or to have any questions about the service answered.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: PC Medic
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