Mackinac Island foundation provides money for housing, youth

What's happening: The Mackinac Island Community Foundation (MICF) announced that more than $100,000 will head to 15 local organizations to help those who live and work on Mackinac Island. Ranging from youth programs, equipment for first responders and benefits for the arts, a total of $140,899 was administered through the foundation. The largest recipient was a $76,928 gift to support the expansion of the Forest Way Townhomes, which requires residents to work at least 28 hours a week and live year-round on the island. 

What is the foundation: The MICF manages a collection of endowed funds, and makes grants from these funds to island organizations for projects that help the Mackinac Island community continue to thrive. Many different areas have their own foundations, based on various geographic and cultural distinctions, but the MICF specifically donates to organizations that provide necessary services on, and in transit, to the island. The MICF has helped administer more than $6 million in grants, scholarships and aid. 

What they're saying: “This support allows our island and local organizations to address pressing issues in our community, through education, mental health services, capacity building and more. We’re also pleased to be granting toward further housing opportunities for the seventh year in a row,” Mackinac Island Community Foundation Executive Director Stephanie McGreevy said.  

What's next: Funds will be distributed to the various organizations, with the MICF still looking for more ways to give back to the community. More information about the next grant cycle is available on its website
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