Nomination window opens to award the U.P.’s most excellent businesses

What’s happening: The nomination window for the annual Operation Action U.P Excellence Awards has opened, offering residents the chance to recognize those businesses that are contributing to the economic well-being of the Upper Peninsula. Nominations can be submitted online; a deadline to submit nominations is set for Sunday, Oct. 30.

Who’s behind it: The annual Operation Action U.P Excellence Awards are organized by Operation Action U.P., an economic development organization that serves all 15 counties of the Upper Peninsula. The Board of Directors for Operation Action U.P. will parse through the nominations, selecting up to four outstanding for-profit businesses as winners. The award ceremony takes place at the organization’s annual meeting, which is scheduled for February 2023 in Marquette. The event itself also includes a keynote speaker, educational and business strategy programming, and networking opportunities. Registration is available online.

A rich legacy: Operation Action U.P. was founded in 1963 and serves as the only privately funded economic development organization in the state. Their Excellence Awards date back to 1994; the most recent class of winners (2021) include Eagle Mine, Mission Point Resort, Mohawk Technology, and NEPCO.

Why it’s important: “You're kind of on an island as a small business owner, and sometimes you don't realize or you're never recognized for the overall impact that you're making on your local community, and the lives of those that work for you. This is an opportunity for them to be recognized for what they do,” says Rich Tegge, co-chair of Operation Action U.P.

“The risks that small businesses take in order to create a successful business is huge. So recognizing the efforts that they've gone through to get to the level that they are — and their success and community impact — it's important to let them know that the Upper Peninsula and the community here respect and appreciate what they've done.”

Click HERE to submit your nominations for the Operation Action U.P Excellence Awards.
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