YooperSingles.com offers that special connection, eh?

Looking for that special Yooper but having no luck at the local bar? YooperSingles.com is here to help. 
The life of a Yooper can be a lonely one. Remote living, distances between population centers and rural lifestyles tend to mean that a lot of folks in the Upper Peninsula don't bump into one another very often. 
Obviously, that means that romance is difficult to get to bloom -- kind of like a spring flower this year when several feet of snow still inundates the ground. 
Thankfully, there is a cure for those Yoopers looking for love: YooperSingles.com
The new dating website is dedicated to helping Yoopers of all ages, interests and locations find the right partner in life. And, if you find the right one, you'll have someone to help you deal with that snow in your yard. 
"I've used all the sites: OkCupid, Match.com, eHarmony," says YooperSingles.com founder Bugsy Sailor. "However, none of them cater well to Yoopers. I saw an opportunity in the market and hope to provide a platform for other Yoopers to find superior love." 
That superior love connection can be found in a variety of ways. The site asks for a simple registration with users filling out interests such as hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, fishing, hunting and, yes, even bear wrestling. The system then matches the Yooper with those who are interested in the same thing based off of mathematics algorithms Sailor had designed by researchers at Michigan Technological University. Other factors play into the algorithm, too, such as location, and even how the user prefers to enjoy their pasties. 
"We've found that the choice of a naked pasty or one covered in ketchup or gravy really does make a difference," says Sailor, who spent two years working on the behind-the-scenes software with MTU researchers. "We want to help lonely Yoopers find the right person for them, not just a date." 
For a limited time, the first 250 Yoopers to register for the site will be given the option of receiving a free Yooper sticker in the mail. 
The site is relatively new, but some users are already finding that special someone. 
"Thanks, for helping me find my lumberjack," says user Jane.
Yooper Singles aims to match users with a quality Yooper. The diverse membership consists of hunters, fisherman, Finns, quilters, hikers, campers, and more. Each member is looking for a quality, long lasting bond with a Yooper, with hopes of settling together in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.

Sam Eggleston is managing editor of U.P. Second Wave. He was born and raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Though he's never used an online dating site, he has been party to an April Fool's Day prank or two. He can be reached via email. 
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