Michigan Tech tests under-ice equipment

It's just a fact -- the U.P. is a pretty great place to study tech that’s built to be used in the winter.
That's why a new research project at Michigan Technological University in Houghton is working on tests for the University of Michigan and the University of Hawaii (more on why they care in a minute.)
Researchers at Tech's Great Lakes Research Center are trying out 17 different instruments used to study and record in water under ice. They include a video camera, water testing equipment, a hydrophone and light and oxygen sensors. All will be deployed under the frozen Portage Canal this month for testing, until April.
The U of M and the University of Hawaii are both contributing to the research, despite the lack of icy waters in Hawaii, as part of their work with the Alliance for Coastal Technologies, which studies all manner of water-related equipment and tech for use in environmental research.
Writer: Kim Eggleston
Source: Michigan Technological University
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