Positive vibes only on May 9

Positive thoughts and affirmation statements are in the forecast for the Great Lakes Bay Region this month.

Affirmation Day is Tues., May 9. Businesses throughout Bay, Midland and Saginaw counties join the United Way of Bay County and Bay City Public Schools join with Self Love Beauty to celebrate the day designed to bring out the best in people.

Lisa Thompson, Executive Director and founder of Self Love Beauty, says Affirmation Day is one of the grassroots organization’s three main focuses throughout the year.

Graphic courtesy of Self Love BeautyThompson started Self Love Beauty as a blog on confidence building. Since then, it’s spread to reach thousands of people throughout the region.

“Our goal this year is to impact 20,000 individuals,” Thompson says.

It doesn’t take much to participate. Although some businesses are offering special promotions and activities in conjunction with the event, she says participation can be as simple as sending a text to someone who means a lot to you.

At the website selflovebeauty.com under the Events Tab, there is a 2023 Affirmation Day Toolkit that provides ideas on activities that businesses, individuals, and families can do to commemorate the day.

Suggestions include making an “affirmation wall,” using post-it notes to leave positive messages. Sticky notes on mirrors either at home or work are a way to affirm yourself, but also anyone who passes by. Use dry-erase markers to leave positive messages on a board or a mirror.

If you want to take it further, try grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend or sending a letter or email to someone you may not have communicated with in awhile.

Some downtown businesses will be passing out affirmation cards, with phrases such as “I am Brave,” or “I am Worthy.”

On Tues., May 9, Self Love Beauty asks everyone to practice using affirming statements with themselves and others. (Photo courtesy of Self Love Beauty)Thompson says these acts of kindness and positivity may seem small, but they have ripple effects throughout the community. Typing a positive affirmation in to your computer in the morning, for example, sets the tone for your interactions with people throughout the day.

Thompson says using affirmations can help turn negative thoughts into positive attitudes. By sharing positive affirmations, one person to another, the whole community benefits. 

Spreading positivity has been the goal of Self Love Beauty since its inception.

The organization encourages people to grow their confidence and self-esteem through events and workshops, but it started out as a very personal venture.

Thompson says low self-esteem and a lack of confidence inspired her to start the blog. Some estimates show that as many as two-thirds of the people in the world struggle with self-esteem.

“I wanted people to know that if they were struggling that they were not alone,” so she started writing about her own difficulties. “From there we evolved into helping people have the tools to help them.”

She says the mission “is to empower individuals today for a more confident tomorrow.” She does that by giving people the tools they need to overcome whatever they face.

“We teach tools around how to gain confidence, self-esteem, how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, create habits to help you reach your goals,” Thompson says, adding that her programs are for anyone including kids aged 6 and up or retirees looking to transition into their new roles in life.

“We haven’t had a 100-year-old yet, but I’d like to say that one day I hope I do,” says Thompson. “Even at Grandma’s age, you’re learning to have a purpose – a new purpose.

“When we are going through a transition and things are kind of rocky and you’re trying to find your footing, what we do is teach you things like what is your purpose statement at that point in your life, what are your goals, and what’s next for you?”

Self Love Beauty offers workshops throughout the year, but it also offers family programs, including Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, and Mother/Daughter events to strengthen relationships between children and parents or guardians.

For more information on Self Love Beauty programs, visit the website selflovebeauty.com and click on the Programs Tab.

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