Double Up brings casual street style and three jobs to Downtown East Lansing

There is one pretty simple reason that Ray Colville, owner of the new Double Up in East Lansing, got into shoe retail.

“Basically, I love sneakers,” he says. “I have a love for the culture, the street scene, the music, the fashion. It’s ingrained in me.”

There was another reason, however, that inspired Colville, who also owns the nearby In Flight shop, to open his shoe and apparel business in East Lansing. He wanted to offer MSU students and East Lansing residents a place to shop for men’s apparel.

“Honestly there’s no place for a guy to shop except Urban Outfitters,” Colville says “If you don’t’ have a car and you want a hat you’re screwed.”

The 1,000-square foot retail shop will feature 15 apparel lines, ten sneaker brands and a few different hat and accessories makers. Not only will Double Down be closer to Downtown East Lansing than most existing men’s apparel stores, but the brands featured will be unique to the area.

“We have products and brands that other stores don’t have,” says Colville. “They’re new, fresh brands - exclusive brands - you won’t be able to find anywhere else.”

Double Up opened last week and Colville plans to hold a grand opening within the next month. The store currently employs three employees, and Colville hopes to hire another two or three in the fall.

Source: Ray Colville

Writer: Natalie Burg, News Editor
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