Southside Lansing Businessman Starts Green Taxi Cab Company

Woodrow Campbell recently opened the appropriately named Green Cab Company on Lansing’s Southside.

The company only operates “green” vehicles such as the Honda Civic Hybrid, which is the first and only car in Campbell’s fleet. Campbell has another Honda Civic Hybrid on order, but he’s one of many wait-listed for the car.

“I should have it by mid-November,” he says. “For a Toyota Prius, I’d have to wait until January or December of next year.”

Campbell started tossing around the idea of a green cab company last year after his wife was inspired by a Toronto-based green cab company.

“Gas prices will not get any cheaper; all they’re going to do is go up,” he says. But more importantly, Campbell wants to do what he can for the environment. “What I’m really concerned with is emitting zero emissions. My car will not pollute your air and that’s all I’m concerned with.”

Campbell says his fare ($2 metered) is comparable, perhaps even cheaper, than other area cab companies.

“Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but in a year or so people will wake up and say, ‘Let’s go with this guy,’” he says.

The Green Cab Company is located at 806 Hamilton Ave. and is open seven days a week. Two cars will be added to the fleet in November.

Source: Woodrow Campbell, Green Cab Company

Ivy Hughes, development news editor, can be reached here.

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