Innovative Online “REO Town Eats” Diner Design Project Kicks Off in Lansing

Have you ever wanted to have input on the development a new eatery in the Capital region? Imagine being able to suggest what’s on the menu, the interior and exterior decorations and even help name the place.

Well, thanks to developer Pat Gillespie and a group of local entrepreneurs, you can do just that through the REO Eats Project.

The project, which will be located at the former Dalmatian’s Firehouse Grill at 1107 S. Washington Ave. in REO Town, will use social media as a vehicle for creative community involvement.

The project is asking for input and feedback to determine virtually everything about the diner — from menu and pricing, to the theme, name and interior design.
“REO Eats represents the spark of innovative, entrepreneurial, community thinking that is going to bring REO Town back to life," says REO Eats team member Josh Hovey, who is an account executive at The Rossman Group.

"Yes, the diner is a small space. Yes, it’s a challenged area," he says. "But by creating the opportunity for the entire community to have a hand in creating the new diner, we’re going to increase our chances of success and hopefully people will want to continue to be active in seeing all of REO Town succeed.”

Input isn’t just being left to residents; people all over the world are encouraged to share their ideas through social media. The REO Eats Project will last 90 days. As far as the group is aware, the REO Eats Project is the first of its kind.

Source: Josh Hovey, REO Eats Project

Writer: Suban Nur Cooley
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