Fitzgerald Baseball Field in Downtown Grand Ledge Gets $19,930 Renovation

Baseball fans have something to cheer about: Fitzgerald Field, a ball diamond in downtown Grand Ledge, is being renovated.

"It hasn't been used much and has fallen into disrepair," says Kalmin Smith, Mayor of Grand Ledge, adding that more than two generations of Grand Ledge baseball players have used the diamond. The total cost of the project will be $19,930, with $14,950 of that amount coming from in-kind donations. The rest of the funds come from cash donations.

Smith says he was approached by two citizens involved in youth recreation in Grand Ledge about renovating the field. "Great idea," he told them, but city funds were tight. "So they said, 'What if we get volunteers?" Smith explains.

Smith told the pair that would work, but he wanted volunteers signed up, a budget and a time line. The pair came back with everything and the city began raising funds.

Baseball is an important part of Grand Ledge. "There is more interest [in baseball] here than in other places," says Smith.

The updated field, which will feature outfield irrigation, new fences and dugouts, will be the home field of the Pony Mustang Spring League and Grand Ledge City Recreation. The renovation should be completed by the end of April.

Source: Mayor Kalmin Smith

Writer: Daniel J. Hogan 

All Photographs © Dave Trumpie

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